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Ear crackling
May 23, 2011
Hey everyone, I am in desperate need of some help. For the past three days I have been having some crackling in my ears. The weird part is, it only occurs after hearing a loud noise directly in my ear. For example, talking on the phone or talking to someone in close proximity. I have read some things and have come up with perhaps tensor tympani syndrome?? I would greatly appreciate any kind of help or advice anyone has. Thanks so much!
Re: Ear crackling
Jul 6, 2011
I have crackling/vibrations in my operated ear. The lawn mower sound will make it vibrate or sometime just talking will make it buzz. It's like a speaker that is broke. Also water running will cause the sound to go in and out.

If I open my mouth and stretch my jaw then it seems to help. I think my neck muscles are causing the problem but I'm going to make an appt. to have it checked out.

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