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My Stapedectomy
Jun 23, 2011
Hello all,

I found this board in the run up to my Stapedectomy & found it very informative.

I have degenerative Ostesclorosis in both ears and got hearing aids for both ears in 2002 not long after my wedding, I was dreading getting them, being male and young, it brings home your falibility, having been a very good rugby player and an athletic international, I saw the potential stigma as failure.
However the aids transformed my life & hearing aids today are like getting glasses, acceptable, I found out nobody cares ! They allowed me to start my own business & gave me my life back.

About 18 months ago I noticed my balance was a little off, so it was back to see my Surgeon, Mr Hussein at Ninewells Hospital Dundee, Mr Hussien is also an eminenent Surgical trainer & although he only does around 13 of these a year, he does the training for this op in Scotland, so in safe hands I was. & surgery was booked for May the following year

I went in for my Surgery on May 31'st

Being me it was not straight forward ! my stapes had completely calcified to a large round boney mass, hence my balance being a little off, Surgeon had heard of this but never encountered it, so when they get something a little different you get their best work.

Due to all the bone everything was lazered away & my Titanium piston (how cool is it to be 0.01% Terminator !) was attatched very close to my inner ear, he had to drill a hole to do this as he could not lazer it. Because of the complexity of the surgery, my syptoms of dizzyness were real bad, but Mr Hussien did explain this to me in full yesterday and was delighted at my "remarkable progress"

After the surgery was horrendous, I was so dizzy, the room just spun like a wheel on a slot machine, however keeping my eyes closed stopped it & dozing/sleeping helped.

I struggled to eat anything except for some crisps that night, my pride dictate that I went to the toilet and did not use a bed pan, however walking was tricky and the dizzyness made me vomit everytime I went to the loo.

They nearly kept me in for a 2'nd day/night I just wanted to be home, luckily, my Wife's a nurse, saw I couldn't eat and made them give me a shot to stop the vomiting & Sandra also got my drugs changed, So I was finaly discharged around 2pm the following day.

I had to take anti sickness medication for 5 days, I stretched the doses out and made the two prescribed drugs last me a week.

Walking was fun, I'd go left or right like a drunk at random. & with all the packing in my ear and only 1 aid it was very disorientating.

Gradualy got better each day and allot off inner popping of the ear, but because of all the packing no discernable change in hearing until yesterday June 21'st when it came out.

I am still feeling like I've been on a boat, but that is totaly managable

The big thing is the improvement in my hearing, I get a hearing test in 5-6 weeks time, however it is already better than my left ear (which was my better ear) & Mr Hussien is convinced that as it settles it will be better, in his opinion already is and he thinks I will not need a hearing aid anymore in that ear.

For me this is the Icing on the cake, I had the procedure done to prevent anymore degeneration in that ear, if it stayed at the previous level, for me perfect any improvement was a bonus, I wanted to be able to hear my grandchildren when my kids give them to Sandra & I. But to be told that I may not need the hearing aid anymore, is like a lottery win, today as the cream is absorbed, my ear was filled yesterday, it is just incredible :)

So to anybody thinking about the procedure, think positive, have a base aim as to what you realistically want form the procedure & go for it.

Best of luck to all of you who've had or are considering the procedure

& Finaly to anybody who maybe in England, my Cousin had this Op done in Norwich, by the Canadian surgeon there, who also gave Jane her life back, as she is a driving instructor, you have achoice of where to go, so he's the man to go and see.


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