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Hi Susan!
I think we need not worry because I am almost feeling the same sort of things.I have been doing exactly the same to check my hearing and covering my good(right) ear to see if I can hear through my operated ear but to be honest, I could not hear properly but I can hear sounds through it which at least confirms that I have not lost hearing in my operated ear which is the biggest risk associated with this surgery.I cannot hear mobile hear on this side because sound seems to come from a very long distance but if I turn on the speaker and completely block the other ear, I can hear the sounds quite well.One good thing is that if somebody speaks from behind me,I can tell that somebody is speaking and I can also tell what the other person is saying with minor mistakes which means that some words are not clear. Before surgery, if I removed my hearing aids,I could not tell whether TV sound was there while others sitting at equal distance could hear that sound properly.Yesterday, I closed my eyes and exerted all my energies to hear what was being said and I could tell what was being said but otherwise,I cannot hear properly.
You are right that as the issue was not with our auditory nerve and we do not have sensoneurial loss so we are interested in sounds which travel through our ear canal (which simply put is conductive hearing) and as in my case I have an outer cotton and inner packing which will be removed on 12th and then healing process inside which takes more than three weeks so if things are improving and we do not have total hearing loss,no vertigo,nausea and no or minimal discharge from ear now on day 14 post-op ,we should be satisfied and hope for the best.
I think those who had failed stepedectomies, had either sensoneurial loss which cannot be corrected through stapedectomy, most of them had vertigo and nausea after surgery and many had infections and they did not act upon advice of doctors regarding sneezing or blowing nose or lifting of weight or slept on the operated ear and there was extra bleeding but both in your and my case we do not have any such problems and we have been acting upon doctors advice,eg I did not use stairs for 10 days, I have been on bed rest for all these days,never sneezed or blew my nose and almost never slept on operated ear so far and did not have any fever or pain in the ear so we should hope for the best.
Law of probability also points to that because we had both operations on the same day one in USA and the other in UK and we have same symptoms and feelings and same sort of hearing and it is not probable that both are operations were not successful because failures in just 2%(total failure) and in anohter 8 % cases there is minor improvement in hearing and in 90% cases there is marked/significant improvement so we should hope for the best.
BTW,I started hearing poping sounds only yesterday and today,I can hear many things even with my eyes closed so just remain positive and keep acting upon doctor's advice and stay healthy, take good diet which helps in healing process(balanced diet).Do keep sharing your progress.

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