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Day 13 post-op: I have oto. in both ears and had surgery on the worse ear.My hearing was never so bad that I used hearing aids, but I could not hear people unless they were facing me and could not hear when I was chewing food. It was an issue as I teach English as a Second Language and my students don't speak very loudly. The last few days, I have been testing my hearing by covering one ear and listening to different sounds. I think my hearing in my fixed ear has become strange. Some sounds, like a cricket chirping I couldn't hear at all, when before surgery I suspect I could hear. When I speak and cover the fixed ear, my voice is very loud, and much better than when I cover my unfixed ear and speak, so I know something has changed. When I rub my finger on the outside of the fixed ear, I hardly hear any sound compared to the unfixed ear. This is worrisome to me. My fixed ear still has a slight buzz that is constant but I don't notice unless I think about it, also lots of popping when I swallow or yawn. My hearing does not seem better when I use a cell phone, in fact it seems more garbled, although very possibly a touch louder. Dr. said I still have fluid in the middle ear so I am hoping that is what is causing the issues. I want to research conductive and regular hearing, to try to figure out the odd hearing that I have in the fixed ear.
Hi all! Just a quick update.I am now 28 days post-op. I can now use landline quite easily through my operated ear.I can hear people talking on my left side and can take out my hearing aid from the unoperated ear and still keep talking to people even when they are not facing me and even if I am also not looking at the person who is talking.My ability to detect the direction from where some sound is coming has also improved.
I can hear music on CD player which I could not hear before operation.
But sounds from Television are not very loud and at times I can understand what is being said and at times,I can tell that something is being said but I cannot distinguish words as yet but if I exert myself,I can understand as well.
But for the last a few days,whenever I swallow anything, I hear some 'crich crich type of sound' in my operated ear and at other times I have popping sounds.However,this 'crich crich' type of sound is not very annoying but still I am a little concerned about it.Otherwise I do not have any pain or anything.
Even now sounds seem to come from a distance and my ears are a little clogged etc and I have not tried to open my ears as yet and I am letting things take their own course.I have not allowed water inside my ear,I have not lifted any weight at all,never let high sounds reach my ears,never strained my self,blown my nose as yet and sneezed just once with my mouth open after 15 days of operation. Hope things turn out fine.I have my next appointment with my surgeon on 9th August when my hearing will be tested to see how successful the operation has bee.

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