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Day 13 post-op: I have oto. in both ears and had surgery on the worse ear.My hearing was never so bad that I used hearing aids, but I could not hear people unless they were facing me and could not hear when I was chewing food. It was an issue as I teach English as a Second Language and my students don't speak very loudly. The last few days, I have been testing my hearing by covering one ear and listening to different sounds. I think my hearing in my fixed ear has become strange. Some sounds, like a cricket chirping I couldn't hear at all, when before surgery I suspect I could hear. When I speak and cover the fixed ear, my voice is very loud, and much better than when I cover my unfixed ear and speak, so I know something has changed. When I rub my finger on the outside of the fixed ear, I hardly hear any sound compared to the unfixed ear. This is worrisome to me. My fixed ear still has a slight buzz that is constant but I don't notice unless I think about it, also lots of popping when I swallow or yawn. My hearing does not seem better when I use a cell phone, in fact it seems more garbled, although very possibly a touch louder. Dr. said I still have fluid in the middle ear so I am hoping that is what is causing the issues. I want to research conductive and regular hearing, to try to figure out the odd hearing that I have in the fixed ear.
Hi Susan!
I think we need not worry because I am almost feeling the same sort of things.I have been doing exactly the same to check my hearing and covering my good(right) ear to see if I can hear through my operated ear but to be honest, I could not hear properly but I can hear sounds through it which at least confirms that I have not lost hearing in my operated ear which is the biggest risk associated with this surgery.I cannot hear mobile hear on this side because sound seems to come from a very long distance but if I turn on the speaker and completely block the other ear, I can hear the sounds quite well.One good thing is that if somebody speaks from behind me,I can tell that somebody is speaking and I can also tell what the other person is saying with minor mistakes which means that some words are not clear. Before surgery, if I removed my hearing aids,I could not tell whether TV sound was there while others sitting at equal distance could hear that sound properly.Yesterday, I closed my eyes and exerted all my energies to hear what was being said and I could tell what was being said but otherwise,I cannot hear properly.
You are right that as the issue was not with our auditory nerve and we do not have sensoneurial loss so we are interested in sounds which travel through our ear canal (which simply put is conductive hearing) and as in my case I have an outer cotton and inner packing which will be removed on 12th and then healing process inside which takes more than three weeks so if things are improving and we do not have total hearing loss,no vertigo,nausea and no or minimal discharge from ear now on day 14 post-op ,we should be satisfied and hope for the best.
I think those who had failed stepedectomies, had either sensoneurial loss which cannot be corrected through stapedectomy, most of them had vertigo and nausea after surgery and many had infections and they did not act upon advice of doctors regarding sneezing or blowing nose or lifting of weight or slept on the operated ear and there was extra bleeding but both in your and my case we do not have any such problems and we have been acting upon doctors advice,eg I did not use stairs for 10 days, I have been on bed rest for all these days,never sneezed or blew my nose and almost never slept on operated ear so far and did not have any fever or pain in the ear so we should hope for the best.
Law of probability also points to that because we had both operations on the same day one in USA and the other in UK and we have same symptoms and feelings and same sort of hearing and it is not probable that both are operations were not successful because failures in just 2%(total failure) and in anohter 8 % cases there is minor improvement in hearing and in 90% cases there is marked/significant improvement so we should hope for the best.
BTW,I started hearing poping sounds only yesterday and today,I can hear many things even with my eyes closed so just remain positive and keep acting upon doctor's advice and stay healthy, take good diet which helps in healing process(balanced diet).Do keep sharing your progress.
Post op day 15:(( Just got back from dr. and hearing test. I have sensorineural loss now. Dr. put me on Prednisone. Good thing I didn't wait, I guess being an impatient worrier paid off as there is a window of time when Prednisone may help reduce the damage. Dr. told me about the other 3 patients he had that had complications (failures). Without the surgery I would have had to get a hearing aid, and now that my hearing is worse, I really need it. I will give myself one day to grieve, moan and complain. Tomorrow, I will move on and be thankful I don't have facial paralysis or vertigo. Dr. said I shouldn't have surgery in the other ear (no brainer!). OK, I'm done venting...
Hi all!
Today is 17th day after my stapedectomy on 20th June.I have started hearing much better now and I can hear not only sounds but also understand words but at times there are still downturns but after many years,I can now talk to people without looking at their faces and without wearing hearing aid in the other ear.Sounds have started becoming louder but at times still muffled.
Please keep in mind that I have my first post-op appointment with doctor on 12th and my ear-packing will be removed on that day so real situation will become clear on that day.
Do pray for me and I wish all of you quick recoveries who have been operated and also wish that all those who go through this rather difficult and delicate procedure must gain maximum advantage.
So those who have just had stapedectomies after me must remain hopeful that their hearing will also improve with each passing day so the intervening period when you really cannot hear much should not depress you.
I shall keep updating.
Thanks Billcindy 1, leleoh,Suso for wishing me well.
Today was my first post-op appointment with the surgeon after stapedectomy after 3 weeks because I had my stapedectomy on 20th June.
I went to hospital today and my surgeon removed the inner packing and asked me how I could hear and I not only heard him but he seemed loud and clear and I replied that yes I can hear you(at that time,I was not wearing a hearing aid at that time).
Later,I talked to people without using my hearing aid in the other ear which seems quite encouraging.but the doctor also said that my hearing will improve further because further time is needed for healing of the wounds.My first hearing test is scheduled for 9th August so I shall keep my fingers crossed.
I could use my landline telephone(normal phone which everybody uses) today after a very long time,something like 5 years which seems to be a good sign.I could tell that television is on somewhere which I could not see which certainly means that I could hear its sound.Thanks for wishing me well and I shall keep sharing my genuine and real experience so that all post op people have some idea of what to expect after a certain period of time.
you are experiencing the same as I. Isn t it amazing when you can take out your hearing aid and hear fine. I had to wear one in the un operated ear which only has 30% hearing. My operated ear was done the first time in 1992 and this Dec. my incus eroded causing me to have about 20% in it after. I have always functioned with the one it was horrible to say the least. My second surgery was in Feb. which only gave me 50% hearing because the piston was pushed out of place by an artery and also scar tissue didn t help he said. I also was experiencing dizziness why the revision was done on June...I had the same when the packing was removed too...but I was also hearing somewhat thru it also. I ended up getting a swimmers ear infection in the other ear with the hearing aid so had to take it out 4 days post op...and that is when I started to hear something...
I am so happy for you!!!!
Hi Suso...

I am six weeks post op this coming Friday. What you are experiencing is totally normal..seems like we all experience it. I can t remember exactly when my taste came back but I know within a few weeks things started to return back to normal and i was once again enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning. I just could not stand the taste of it before.
What about the pulsing heartbeat in your ear...I had that off and on for several weeks..and now if I am hearing white noise sometimes that will come in as a slight pulse but I have found that if I put alittle cotton in my helps alot. I also have a rare artery that runs thru that area that causes it my dr. said... this has seemed to get better over time too..It is still there..but not as bad as before. I think we just need time for the healing process.and also our brain to relearn how to not pay attention to certain things. I find myself having to focus again on a person talking rather then what is going on in the other room....LOL I was laying in bed last night..hubby comes in to turn in as I was too...and he says to going to leave that radio on..I can hear it on very low..I said ME TOO! and I am enjoying it on low..I could not hear my alarm going off in the am before..
but I can say this...sure feels to to hear again!!!

I go for my post op and hearing test on Monday. Can I just say I am past excited to get there and see where I am.
[QUOTE=SuSo;4798848]Also, lots of foods taste too salty. At least coffee still tastes good. I think my hearing might be getting better in terms of volume, but my high frequency is still worse than before. My doctor has been a bit vague about resuming activities. I started lifting my granddaughter who is 22 pounds, but I wonder if I can start doing push-ups and sit-ups yet. What advice did your doctor give you? I still haven't gotten my ear wet. I guess hair really doesn't need to be washed every day:) Susan[/QUOTE].
Hi SuSo!
About resuming activities,my doctor said that I can resume normal activities after my first post-op visit after 3 weeks except air travel and letting the water in the ear.
Day 24 Post-op: BillCindy and Sanguine, Glad to hear you can hear! And thanks for the activity advice. I will go back to the doctor next Thursday for another hearing test to see if my sensorineural high frequency loss has recovered a bit. Chocolate still tastes like metal!
Hi all! Just a quick update.I am now 28 days post-op. I can now use landline quite easily through my operated ear.I can hear people talking on my left side and can take out my hearing aid from the unoperated ear and still keep talking to people even when they are not facing me and even if I am also not looking at the person who is talking.My ability to detect the direction from where some sound is coming has also improved.
I can hear music on CD player which I could not hear before operation.
But sounds from Television are not very loud and at times I can understand what is being said and at times,I can tell that something is being said but I cannot distinguish words as yet but if I exert myself,I can understand as well.
But for the last a few days,whenever I swallow anything, I hear some 'crich crich type of sound' in my operated ear and at other times I have popping sounds.However,this 'crich crich' type of sound is not very annoying but still I am a little concerned about it.Otherwise I do not have any pain or anything.
Even now sounds seem to come from a distance and my ears are a little clogged etc and I have not tried to open my ears as yet and I am letting things take their own course.I have not allowed water inside my ear,I have not lifted any weight at all,never let high sounds reach my ears,never strained my self,blown my nose as yet and sneezed just once with my mouth open after 15 days of operation. Hope things turn out fine.I have my next appointment with my surgeon on 9th August when my hearing will be tested to see how successful the operation has bee.
Post-op 29 days: I also have the popping sound when I swallow, but I haven't been concerned about it. Sounds are definitely louder in the operated ear but the clarity is really bad making it hard to understand speaking. It's still easier to understand what people are saying with my unoperated ear, even so the volume is lower. I'm hoping the clarity improves but I'm not sure if the clarity is affected by my loss of high frequency that was apparently caused by the surgery.
Now I am 31 days post-op after my stapedectomy, and to be honest, first time I realized the benefits of getting the procedure done.I did not use the hearing aid even in my un-operated ear and still I could hear people quite well.I went to the market for buying grocery and went to a shopping mall and met people and talked to them and heard them as if I never had a hearing loss.
But when I reached home,sound of TV did not seem loud enough and I could not hear everything.
I also felt pain in my ear a few times but overall it was the best day in my life for a long time because I felt that I am also not 'disabled'.
I still have that sound which I hear every time I swallow and yawn etc but I am not really concerned about it at present.I hope my hearing further improves and wish everybody else who is planning to have a stapedectomy or who has already had it.So be patient and wait for the hearing to improve but act upon the advice of doctors to take it easy for at least one month or even six weeks if possible for best results.
So happy to hear you are improving each and every day.... I have always said that this surgery is one heck of a roller coaster ride. and each and everyone recovers at a different speed.

I am now 7 weeks post op TODAY! and I went to my doctors this past week for my hearing test and follow up with him. I was told that my hearing was excellent and exactly where he wanted it to be. Audiologist was pretty impressed with my scores he said : ).... My doctor said no more restrictions but back into everything slowly.. I still need to be careful being everything is still healing in there... I have noticed that my pulsing has got much better too...white noise was constantly coming with pulsing..not so much now..
He then said now we can talk about your other ear if you we decided to give this ear sometime and next March I will go back in for the other which has about 30% hearing...but i am functioning without a hearing aid too... amazing...

[QUOTE=billcindy1;4805631]So happy to hear you are improving each and every day.... I have always said that this surgery is one heck of a roller coaster ride. and each and everyone recovers at a different speed.

I am now 7 weeks post op TODAY! and I went to my doctors this past week for my hearing test and follow up with him. I was told that my hearing was excellent and exactly where he wanted it to be. Audiologist was pretty impressed with my scores he said : ).... My doctor said no more restrictions but back into everything slowly.. I still need to be careful being everything is still healing in there... I have noticed that my pulsing has got much better too...white noise was constantly coming with pulsing..not so much now..
He then said now we can talk about your other ear if you we decided to give this ear sometime and next March I will go back in for the other which has about 30% hearing...but i am functioning without a hearing aid too... amazing...

Hi Cindy!
Thank you very much.As you have said everybody who is either planning to go for surgery or has undergone surgery has to be reassured constantly because after the operation,one is very concerned about the results and waiting period seems to move ahead at a snails pace.Then especially the period when you literally cannot hear through the operated ear is very very difficult because I even cried one day when in spite of best efforts of my daughter to make me hear through the operated ear, I could not detect the sound of a radio and always said that it was coming from the side of my unoperated ear(even when she kept it so close to my ear that it was almost touching my ear and the cotton ball) but I could not hear.I thought that I had ruined my ear but with the passage of time my hearing has really improved but I am not sure what will be the figures or diagram on audiogram but I am functioning without my Completely in the canal or Behind the ear hearing aids for the last two days,so I am happy.
You are absolutely right(as your doctor has also suggested)that whatever other say or even medical science says about resuming activities,be very careful for as long as you can because ability to hear is more important than going for swimming or lifting weights or running and delay these things as much as you can because body takes time to heal and we should not push things or try to speed them up.
I am really pleased that you have regained hearing.May keep restrictions to some extent for some more time if not impossible because I felt some pain in my ear after I went to a number of places and in different noise situations as I have mentioned in my last post so remain careful not to over do anything and slowly move into a more normal life.

Today I am 33 post-op and now sounds have become louder or normal(as others would say) because now I can hear radio,ipod,telephone and of course conversations as others(people with no hearing loss)hear and I do not have to ask people to repeat or strain myself to be able to hear and I hear people talking to each other and I can even tell from which side a sound is coming without using a hearing aid even in my un-operated ear.At times,some sounds still appear less loud,not when people are talking to me, but when they are talking to each other but the good thing is that I can just move my head a little and understand and listen everything and today when I went for cruise ride in a holiday resort, so many people were talking and I could understand and hear so much.I am so happy.
I had perhaps the best hearing aids but even those made conversation in noisy situations very difficult because all sounds became loud(even those which need not be amplified) and after some 6 years or even more,today I felt like a normal person.Although I have just one ear fixed and the other ear has moderate loss but I did not use hearing aid in it.
So all those who have had stapedectomy must remain hopeful even if they do not have good results immediately but must follow the directions of doctors for best possible results.This is a great and very useful health board because it gave me courage and a lot of advice when I had nobody to turn to and apparently my hearing had not improved for so many days after operation.
Day 35 Post-op: I went to the doctor last Thursday and also had another hearing test. The volume in the operated ear increased since the last test which was 2 weeks prior. I told the doctor that voices are very loud but not clear. Apparently, consonant sounds use high frequency hearing which in my case was pretty well damaged in the surgery. The doctor says I may have had a "weakness" that caused it. He suggested that in a couple of months I get a "open", basket type hearing aid. As my hearing loss was "moderate" before the surgery, I hadn't gotten a hearing aid yet, so it will be my first one. I am hoping that since I now have one ear with high volume without high frequency tones and the other ear with clear low volume straight across, maybe my brain will learn to put the two together to have adequate hearing. I will have another test in about a month.
Today it is 37 days post op.I have started sounds quite clearly and they are reasonably loud now as compared to earlier days because a few days ago,the sounds seemed rather soft but now they are quite good.Now when I insert a hearing aid in my unoperated ear,the sounds do not go up like they used to go before which means that my operated ear is already making sounds reasonably loud.
But sound of TV is still a little elusive.I can hear and understandd if the volume is a little higher but at times,they seem OK.
A new thing is that I did not feel any pain after my stapedectomy but today since morning,I felt pain in my operated ear 4 or 5 times for a very short time but the pain was not at all very severe.And the'crich' sound and flutterding which I experience while swallowing is still there.
My family does not seem bothered about the pain and the feeling of fullness in my ear because they say that when you experience any such thing, you start hearing even better.
Hi all!
I am now 41 days post-op.I can hear ordinary conversation quite easily and even in noisy situations where a number of people were talking,I was very comfortable and in a 7 seater van with 7 people discussing different things and CD player also playing music,I could hear almost everything.I am so pleased.Now I can feel the difference between the sounds that come through even the best digital hearing aids and natural sound and can guarantee that ability to hear with natural ear is so very superior.Ear can reduce background noise,enhance speech intelligibility and you do not feel tired even when you listen to people all day long but the hearing aids(even the best ones) to be honest are not very comfortable to wear.
But even now if somebody talks very softly,I find it a little difficult to say with surety that this is exactly which was said.But interestingly,I can hear whispers quite well(a lot better than things said in low volume).But my tinnitus does not seem to have become any better as yet.
I have a hearing test on 9th August so do wish me well and I shall keep telling genuine/true and real time experiences about this wonderful procedure called stapedectomy.
I am now 43 days post-op.Today, I am hearing popping in my ear continuously.But my hearing seems to have improved significantly and at times I forget that once I was almost deaf(with severe more than 70% loss in now operated ear and 55% loss in my other ear) and without hearing aids,world was quite noiseless and people seemed to move their lips but I thought they did not make any sounds.But now things have improved dramatically.
I am now 45 days post-op after stapedectomy.I am hearing everything quite well and now sounds of ambulance siren,police van hooters etc and conversations seem quite loud and once or twice, I even said please speak a little less loud and then I was myself surprised because this has happened after at least 5/6 years because I had forgotten loud sounds.I had stopped hearing sounds at a distance and somebody had to point out and after that at times I realized that there was some sound but most of the times things were very quite.
I have been watching Television without a hearing aid for somedays now and can hear its sounds as well but TV sounds are not very loud or reasonably loud at all channels and at times I have to ask what did he or she say but most of the times it is fine.
Any body who is planning or has already had a stapedectomy,please be assured that it is a surgery worth risk taking but PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE is what is required and results will follow but once your hearing is back,you don't have to wear hearing aids even if you have hearing loss in the other ear(I have 55 db LS in unoperated ear) but now landline ordinary phone,sounds of pedestrains can cross road signal etc, wall clock tick tick ,microwave beep,washing machine running,sounds across doors and from other rooms are becoming a normal thing,utensils striking downstairs in the kitchen can all be heard.I am so pleased and happy.I have my hearing test on 9th of August,that will tell what I have really gained and why TV is still not as loud as other things are.Wish me well and I wish everybody fast recovery who already have had this procedure and want to tell those who are planning to get this done,that final decision is yours but if a good consultant recommends ,then this procedure is worth taking a risk.

So glad to hear that things are going so well for you!!!! It can only get better... I will agree with you and say PATIENCE IS A MUST!!! I am 9 weeks post op tomorrow and can say that things do get better as time goes on.. I guess when the surgeon said things need to settle in there he really meant it. I think the brain needs the most time for relearning alot of things..

I am so happy to have my hearing back.. Even hearing my hubby snore is something that I did miss and now it is back LOL.. Funny how the world seems so much louder to me.. Especially during the wee hours when you have to take your hearing aid out for sleeping. and I love it... I was in my home yesterday and was searching for the beep beep beep . I could hear it but couldn t figure out where the heck it was in the house...Then really listened and found it was a truck way down the road backing up that I could hear...AMAZING!!!!! I can now hear my ceiling fan when it is on..WOW!!

I am now 46 days post-op.Now I seem extremely comfortable even at places where a number of people are present and I can easily ascertain from which side the sound is coming and even without adjusting my position,I can understand whatever is being said.I can now even hear Television sound,still a little less loud,but it has become reasonably audible.
But I still have a metallic taste in my mouth which at times seems less pronounced and at times I feel it more inspite of the fact that my doctor had told me that your operation went very well just after I came out of operation theatre and I believe he was right.
Slight taste problem is said to be a normal thing and it is said that it improves with the passage of time but hearing is such a big health problem that taste perhaps does not matter.
I am really happy.
I am now 50 days post op and I had my first hearing test today after stapedectomy.
My hearing is now 30 db which has 70 db before the operation and the doctor says it will further improve during the next two and a half months.
The doctor said that you do not need operation for the other ear because your hearing is close to normal now and you do not have to wear a hearing aid either.
But if your hearing further deteriorates with the passaged, after some years and you think or decide to get a hearing aid,you may discuss with the doctor but for now you are fine.I am so very pleased.
But he said that though my wound has healed but I should still continue to ensure that water does not enter my ear for some two weeks but even if it enters, need not worry much.
I must not blow my nose and should not play any games where I am hit on the left of my head and should still not strain my self too much and be careful about lifting weights but ordinarily I can lead a normal life.
I wish everybody very quick recovery who have had stapedectomies but these precautions and PATIENCE are a must for getting good results from this procedure in addition to a very good surgeon.
I can now even hear TV sounds quite well.But I want to request everybody who is thinking about stapedectomy or has had it recently to take extra care of their operated ear.
Now I am 56 days post op but I have not allowed water in my operated ear as yet because water is not a good thing even when your ears are normal.
I have not blown my nose during all these days and intend not to do so even now and probably as long as possible in future.
I always sneeze with my mouth open and am very very careful about lifting weights and have stopped even bringing grocery so I have not lifted any weight after my operation.
I have not done any exercise during these 56 days.
But it does not mean that I shall never do these things because this is not possible but I know as a layman that when you have a wound it takes much longer than a few days to heal and when the inside of ear is so sensitive why should we not give as long as possible.
I have not taken any medicine which could have caused bleeding and for pain, I took only paracetamol and afterwards have been very careful.
Hearing is such an important faculty that to get it back, we must sacrifice certain things.Please always act upon the advice of doctors and be patient and try to avoid things which are prohibited as long as possible.
I am now 73 days post op and I am hearing extremely well.But taste of my mouth is even now metallic and taste buds do not seem the same as they were before the surgery but I do not complain because hearing is such a fantastic gift and faculty that I am so pleased to get it back.That is why in my posts, there is very little mention of taste but can any one tell how long it took their taste to come back.(Again want to tell that I am not complaining but just want to know).
Hi all!
Today I am 77 days post op and after many days right at this moment I am feeling pain in my operated ear which is inside the ear or may be towards the back of ear(but in the head).This is shooting pain by which I mean it is not constant pain but suddenly I feel pain which is just 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 or may be a little severer than that.I do not know why but may be I touched my ear too much today because I just felt like touching my ear and my be overdid it? While I am writing it,I have felt a break in the feeling of pain.
Can one feel pain even after 77 days and what kind of pain should be reported to the doctor who operated upon me(my hearing is fantastic but I am always worried but I do not want to lose after being able to hear again).
Can anybody share his/her experience or any body knows about it and why does not it happen?
hI Sanguine2011....

I am just alittle over 3 months post op. I have to say I have had aittle discomfort in my operated ear but normally for me it is when my allergies are at their worse and my ears feel very clogged. I will take a decongestant and it will go away. If the pain stays with you pls call your doctor,,, Don t take a chance.

Is there a chance that maybe when you touched your ear you may have scratched it inside? just a thought
I am now 82 days post op but I still use a cotton ball soaked in Vaseline in my operated ear while taking a shower and I have not allowed water to enter my operated ear uptil now.Now I was worried that this too much care may not be bad or is it ok not to let water in for as long as possible?
I personally think that perhaps even otherwise it is not a very good idea to let water in that is why whenever somebody feels that water has entered their ear,they try to tilt their head and try to let water out! Anybody can tell what is the best policy regarding letting water in the operated ear after such a long time and when doctor has also lifted all restrictions?
Hi all,

I'm feeling a little better and back at school. Had a very bad experience with sapragel ( for nausea). Somehow it delayed the process but made it worse thereafter. The nausea got very bad and my pressure seemed to have really rocketed for about 3 hours. Everything was spinning too fast around me - I just prayed for it to stop and said never again I'm going for this op. The nurse was very kind and didn't leave my side and made me comfortable. I didn't eat anything for 5 days and what little I tried to eat, I vomitted. All I did since I was discharged was sleep cos the dizziness and the nausea was bad. From the 4th day was feeling a little okay and managed to do a proper springclean but got tired by the evening. I still feel dizzy at times but the nausea has subsided but my ulcer started to react cos I didn't eat for so many days.

Was a bit depressed - I think about 5 days after the surgery cos I couldn't hear anything out of the ear and couldn't even hear a dial tone on my landline. I just prayed to heal me! I went for my 1 week check -up on Friday and the doctor suctioned some of the packing. I could hear sounds in that ear - the water,etc. When he did the fork test, I couldn't hear anything in the front of my ear. He said I shouldn't worry and it is too swollen inside and it needs to heal and he told me the inside packing will take about 3 months to absorb.

I am 10 days post surgery now. I have not used a hearing aid for 10 whole days. I can hear with a little difficulty. Its very difficult when people talk very softly like my mother-in-law who lives with me but sometimes she's not even considerate to speak louder knowing I had surgery! The dial tone on the landline is now very loud and I can hear out of that ear and I know its just going to get better and better - I know I need to be patient!

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and your kind words and support. I couldn't wait to let your'll know how it went. Thanks again - Queen
Hi Queen....

sry to hear you are having a tough day...I hope it gets better for you. You are going for your post op hearing and drs. appointment within the next few weeks I believe correct? Have you contacted your dr. lately...just wondering if you had passed by him your symptoms that you are experiencing..I know my dr.s instructions had said if you have any dizziness or feel like your hearing has got worse call the office.. My first surgery in 1992 I had so much of your symptoms with the dizziness...I do get some dizziness now but nothing like you are experiencing... Today I have a bit of a cold..stuffiness..cough all that wonderful stuff..I do feel abit off...My hearing has not been touched much by it but I have noticed when I do have these symptoms when I talk it sounds different.. I still do not blow my nose much...I am to scared to do that..
But personally I would call my dr. if I was having the symptoms you are.. Like my hubby always says to me..the dr. works for pay hm..when in doubt pick up the phone. I know I called him several times with my worries...always made me feel better in the end..

Keep your chin up!!

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