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Hi this is my first time posting! It has been one week exactly today since my Stapedectomy in my left ear. Was done as an outpatient in Celebration, FL and took about 2 1/2 hours total for surgery and recovery. The surgery went wonderful but woke up from anestesia vomiting every time I turned my head and very off balance. I felt no pain went home slept for a few days. During the first 3-4 days had major vertigo even though I went back to work 3 days post surgery. I worked through it even though it was a huge struggle. I work for a Dr. as a receptionist so I just tried to stay seated the entire time. I have expereinced several different sounds from my left ear. Pretty funny but one sound I have labeled my alien, it sounds like a high pitched alien sound LOL. I have also had alot of snap, crackle, popping, echoing along with major tinnitis. After feeling very dizzy and off balance for 5 days I started to get winy and scarred thinking it was never gonna end... LOL But today I woke up feeling like a million bucks Thank God! Can't wait to get this packing and cotton out of my ear... It is driving me crazy!! Other than that I have had people tell me that one ear is the primarily used for balance and that is why some people experience major vertigo while others don't. So keep your heads up if you are experiencing what I did it will eventually get better just be patient.... With that said good luck and hope you have a wonderful recovery.

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