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They think I have it in both ears but at this time only my left was affected severely. Eventually my surgeon told me that I would possibly need it in my right as well. My surgeon took the packing out today along with a very healthy looking scab as he described. The sounds only came with the surgery as far as the high pitched bionic or Alien sound but went away after a few more days. I am still experiencing Tinnitus (which is the constant ringing but today he said that it would get better and better all the time. Due to the fact that your ear isn't completely healed for several months you will experience these things. My hearing is still somewhat muffled but I am hearing more than I did before the surgery. I was told before surgery that the hearing will deteriate and get worse before it gets better so hang in there. I wonder though why you have to wait 1 month before taking out the packing. I was sooo anticipating getting that junk out. YEAH all the itching is just about completely gone....

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