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Just wanted to update...

I was 6 weeks this past Friday post op...I went today for my hearing test and final follow up with the surgeon...My hearing test was excellent I was told...audiologist was impressed and my surgeon said exactly where it should be... Asked if I had any problems since surgery...I said nothing really except the normal..but I am feeling excellent. He told me that I can now get my ear wet...and back into my exercise activities but slow on the weights (start very light so 3 lbs it will be) He said jogging..running all ok...just use common since and take it easy as I am still healing. We did talk about my left ear getting surgery but he said he wanted to give my operated ear another 3 months or so before doing anything...I am thinking March anyway so that is fine with me and he was happy i was not in a rush too.. So I am good to go..and extremely happy... I went to the gym tonight with my daughter and boy did it feel good...I only did the treadmill and exercise bike.. sure felt great to hear everything without my hearing aid the music they play there is loud LOL...
[QUOTE=Fantine;4798972]I'm now just past three months since my left ear stapedectomy. I have a question for others who have had the surgery. I'm still hearing my voice much louder in my operated ear than before. I also can hear my neck joints creak loudly and, if it's quiet enough at night, the sound of eyeballs moving (!). While I had pulsatile tinnitus before, I can now hear my heart thumping when I exert myself during exercise.

I know that heightened sensitivity to your own voice and body sounds is called autophony and is a symptom of superior semi-circular canal descience (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), but my surgeon had me undergo a CT scan and that was positively ruled out as the cause of my hearing loss, with otosclerosis being the diagnosis. Has anybody else experienced some form of autophony after a stapedectomy? I never heard these noises before, and I'm wondering if they're just the result of not having lower frequency hearing before. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Hi! I am post op day one from a left stapedectomy & my voice seems very loud. Also I can hear my footsteps as though they're in my head, also very loud so much that I'm walking on my toes on the tile floor. I remember always hearing my heart beat in my ear & this is now pronounced. I'm hoping this will settle down as my recovery process continues.

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