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UGH TMJ...I am experiencing that right now. OUCH! I have it so bad that I was so worried after my surgery that one pop of my jaw would pop the piston....scary. I am now dealing with tooth discomfort and also ear discomfort wihich my dr. has said is all from the TMJ.major grinding and clenching at night..I am now giving in and getting that mouth guard made..wish I would have done that before but my insurance has zero coverage and I just couldn t afford it.... I never realized how many other symptoms go along with TMJ... I also read that you ears can be so effected with it...I am hoping that once my mouth guard is in all my face discomfort...jaw...headaches..and al the other symptoms I am experiencing will disappear does it make since when I say my jaw feels like it needs to relax. I feel foolish not getting this guard before but it was not to bad...but I will say right is awful.

I hope that things start to get better for you...but your hearing is good since the surgery????

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