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[QUOTE=stephen46;4819662]I had my right ear stapadectory on 13 June. My left ear is fine, but the hearing in my right ear was severely degraded. I put off the operation for more than 20 years after my initial diagnosis of otosclorosis but finally decided to get it done. Like many people on this forum, I had a lot of anxiety after the procedure as I experienced new feelings and sensations post-operation and tried to figure out if they were part of the "normal" recovery or signs of complications. Fortunately I don't have any of the potential adverse side effects (metallic taste, ringing in ears, numbness, dizziness, etc). At my follow up appointment today I learned I have had a lot of hearing restored, can probably expect more, and the lingering symptoms I have been having (popping in my years when I yawn, a pulsing sensation when I excersize) are normal and should go away over time. I have been cleared for all activities, including vigorous execise, swimming, etc, with the exception of scuba diving and flying in unpressurized aircraft. I have another follow up in 6 months. Although my hearing is still not as good as the hearing in my left ear, overall I consider the procedure to be a success and as of today, knowing what I know now I would do it over again. Good luck to those that are contemplating the procedure and are in the recovery process. My only advice is to get the very best doctor you can, and follow their post-op advice to the letter.[/QUOTE].
Hi Stephen!
Congratulations on good recovery.What is your hearing now in terms of db if you have a report you can see it and tell.
My doctor asked me not to get hit on left side(operated ear).
But can we sneeze like normal people and also not worry about catching cold and what about lifting of weights.My doctor told me to slowly move towards a normal life.He said you are fine now and may come next August(2012).Did you specifically ask about leading a perfectly normal life and your doctor replied in affirmative and lifted all restrictions?

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