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Greetings board! So glad to find you all. My 1st post.

Tues Aug 9th right ear stapedectomy
Wed very dizzy, nausea.
Thurs got better,by end of night much better.
Fri morn even better, released.

Fri night took a turn for the worse. Dizzyness returned, vomited repeatedly. Surgeon thinks i may have a loose seal. I may have done a no no and by blowing my noze, however lightly, loosened the seal. But...the nose blow did not take place until after these sypmtoms started so...

Trying to make it till Monday appt with surgeon in his office.
Taking Lorazepam under toungue, only thing i could hold down.
Meclizine HCI was just able to hold a dose down for the 1st time.

[B]Can you talk to me about this "leaking seal"?[/B]
Fear having to have it done all over again. Hoping an adjustment can be made in his office with light anathesea.

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