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About a month ago I lit a single cherry bomb (they come in strings of multiple firecrackers, but this one fell off). I lit the fuse, but didn't have time to run away. I guess I wasn't supposed light a singe cherry bomb like that.

For around 30 seconds afterward, my hearing was muffled and I got ringing in my hears as my hearing returned to normal. So after a minute or so the ringing stopped. However I've been getting intermittent ringing in one ear or the other ever since this incident.

Shortly after the incident I would get ringing a few times a day for less than 20 seconds at a time. Whenever the ringing comes, it gets quiet in the ear that is affected followed by the tone. Being a month later, the ringing is less frequent, or maybe I just don't notice it most of the time. The tone is now less annoying and only lasts 1-5 seconds.

I realize I have damaged my hearing, but I was just wondering if I need to be worrying about this anymore? What is done is done, I won't play with firecrackers anymore and I'll start taking care of my hearing from now on.

So is there anything I need to do about this incident? Will I wake up deaf one day?

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