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I have used digital hearing aids and I endorse your view that even the best hearing aid is no match for a natural ear.
I had a stapedectomy on June 20,2011 here in England, and I can certainly tell that sound is like it used to be before I had a hearing loss due to Otoscelorosis.Actually if the stapedectomy is successful,it makes the bones move which had stopped moving(got fixed).But I feel that hearing aids are no match for a natural ear even if the natural ear has a prosthesis in it.This is my personal opinion and may be you shoud check with more people because because a lot depends on the type and material of prosthesis and the skill and competence and experience of doctor are very very important because there are so many people who report on these pages that there procedures did not produce the results they had expected.
I am the original poster and took the plunge. at the operation was Oct 31 2013. Here are the results.

My hearing is significantly improved and the quality is absolutely natural. I had none of the after effects commonly experienced - no dizziness, no pain. The sugary was done under general anesthesia. I was home after a 3 hour recovery.

After the packing was removed, about 1 week post surgery there was immediate increase in volume especially midrange sounds - paper crinkling, tires humming on pavement. There were unusual effects as well - there was a pitch difference between the unoperated (left) and operated (right) ear - that is if I covered my left ear a person's voice sounded higher in pitch. A very odd effect was that listening to higher pitched voices - women's and children's - resulted in the sensation that there were two of them - one located in the real space they were and one as if there were a tiny version of the speaker sitting inside my operated ear! Another effect when listening ton music was if I listened only through my operated ear, the entire ensemble seemed a cacophony of clingy overtones, lacking fundamental pitch and musical coherence. this disappeared when listening through both ears. And again there was a pitch difference between both ears. QUite worrisome for me, since music was a central reason for the surgery. I am thrilled to report all of this has resolved. My surgeon hypothesized that much of the clingy overtones and perhaps the pitch differential as well was a result of the eardrum which is lifted and olled back during surgery and then rolled back following the procedure needed to region its tautness. This makes a good deal of sense. He explained it is like a trampoline the tneeds a certain tautness in order to respond effectively. Listening to music is nothing short of joyful now. The full stereo soundstage is present, the quality is natural. As noted by others there is some drop off at high frequencies but the gain is so remarkable as to be a great gift. As a classical guitarist, most of the direct sound from my instrument is through my right ear. I am hearing my instrument beautifully for the first time in 25 years.

My only side effect is frequent tinnutis. For me this is a completely reasonable trade off. For anyone concerned about the quality of sound after surgery, I can testify that it is natural once the ear has healed.

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