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[QUOTE=sh19;4861546]Hi folks. Just wondering if I could get some advice.

About 2 weeks ago I had an ear infection in my left ear and I was prescribed ear drops and antibiotics. I think the infection is gone because it's not longer swollen and I have no pain. However I still have a sense of autophony (sound of voice seems loud in ear) and I also have a slight constant ringing in my left ear. It's usually unnoticeable unless I'm in a quiet room or sleeping. For the autophony it's very annoying when I talk because I can hear myself very loudly and then I tend to speak in a whisper. I can't hear myself breathing though. The doctor also said I had a bit of earwax in the ear as well. I don't know if that is contributing to it and if i should go have my ears cleaned out. I was wondering if I should wait it out some more or go see a doctor. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Fluid can persist in the middle ear for up to 3 months after an ear infection, although it should gradually be decreasing. I would give it a little more time before you go back to the doctor. Wait another week or two and then go have the doctor look in there and see if the eardrum moves ok. Of course, go back sooner if it starts hurting again or if you get fever. The infection may have returned in that case. ( I suffer from otosclerosis and I can tell you this problem (autophony) went on for years not weeks and was associated with a gradual hearing loss and no ear infection was involved.) I am a patient and also a pediatrician who has seen my fair share of ear infections.

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