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[QUOTE=mspgh;4880740]Wow, that is amazing. Very glad to hear that you are doing so well. My otosclerosis is not very bad yet. Mild to moderate on the right and mild on the left. The fact you had such dramatic improvements makes me pretty optimistic.

So a couple questions if you don't mind... What where the side effects and recovery time like? How long did they tell you to avoid air travel? How long was the waiting list for the procedure (weeks, months)? I presume it was laser surgery if they are on top of the latest technology, is that correct?

Im sure I'll have all my questions answered during my visit, but its hard to wait. Im fairly anxious about the whole thing as Im sure you understand.[/QUOTE]

First let me say what I am about to write is my experience only and my understanding on the subject. I am not a professional and take the information as such.

If your otosclerosis is not very bad yet, you may not have the possibility of the large improvements like I did, although that is only a guess on my part. Mine was pretty bad I think.

The first surgery I had vertigo right after surgery and this tapered off the next six days, getting less and less every day. Some dizziness also but not bad. Right after surgery I could hear real good and it lasted into the night but then decreased. I believe this is the result of swelling in the middle ear. Low frequencies were greatly amplified and this continued for several days. On morning day seven I noticed a little dried blood on the cotton but also noticed the higher frequencies were there and much better. Volume and sound clarity continued to improve. I had a clicking sound when I swallowed but it is going away gradually to almost nothing now. I also had a metallic sound when I yawned and still have that but very seldom. I had the taste issue but that is also going away, never bothered me that much. The Doctor said my foot-plate was thick and he had to do a lot of work in my ear. Also I am 72 (today) so I don't heal as fast as I used to.

My second surgery I did not have any vertigo or dizziness. When I was in recovery, I could hear the nurses talking with my right ear (surgery one this time) from across the room but then it went silent. It felt like the ear was blocked. The night after surgery I had more bleeding than I did with the left ear. I felt great though. I had very little hearing out of the right ear, using earphones I estimated it was down about 30-40 DB from my left ear but word recognition was good. I did develop some slight dizziness later when leaning my head back quick but nothing severe. I was not that discouraged as I felt there was no damage to the nerve and I had a lot of confidence that my Doctor had performed the mechanics well. On the 12th day after surgery I was talking to my wife and all of a sudden my ear popped and her voice nearly knocked me down. I had to put my hand up and try to make her be quiet. From then on it just got better and better. The doctor said, and I remembered hearing him call for the Laser during the surgery, that he had to use the laser because my disease was advanced. I still have the clicking and metallic sound in my right ear but expect it will decrease as the left one did.

Some of the advice I would give is to follow the instructions given you. Also I would use two pillows or somehow elevate your head after surgery. I think if I had done this sooner than I did I would not have had some of the problems I had with the first surgery. I believe this decreases the swelling. I continued to do this for 2-3 months after and I also did not sleep on the operated ear for about 2-3 months. I am following this with my right ear. I sleep with the operated ear up. Neither of my surgeries did I have any pain in the ears. Slight soreness in the arm but nothing to complain about.

For flying advice you will need to talk to your Doctor. If you check one of the previous threads here you will see the instructions I received about flying. I am going to try and avoid it for a year after surgery but that is just me.

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