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Failed Stapedectomy
Jan 18, 2012
I'm new here. I'm 32 yrs old and I've had noticable hearing loss R>L for 5 years or so. My mother had otosclerosis and had bilateral stapedectomies by the time she was my current age.

I was diagnosed with otosclerosis in 2009 but chose not to get the surgery done then because I was in school at the time. I finally got it done in Oct. '11. Intraoperatively it seemed like a success. The morning after, I threw up from the vicodin. The doc said not to blow my nose for a week afterward. My vomiting is significantly more forceful than any nose blowing I could hope to do. I am pretty sure I destroyed the surgical outcome by my violent vomiting. I am a world class vomiter. I could throw up a grand piano if I had to. After throwing up, I had intense ringing in the ear like that felt like a piccolo for 5 straight hours. It also started bleeding pretty good. The doc gave me his cell number in case there were any concerns. I threw up just before 5am and I opted to not call him right away because of the time and I know that it takes a lot to worrry a doc. He said that he wasn't concerned. That darn gelfoam soaked up a lot of blood, and it put a ton of pressure in my ear canal. What a painful week. And going back to work within 3 days was a challenge.

10 days post op, the gelfoam was taken out and I couldn't hear anything. After a few weeks I felt like the hearing had improved based on the balance of my headphones. I stayed away from working out and lifting weights more or less according to his recommendations. But I wasn't the most compliant patient...I went and played baseball a week or two later. I felt like the hearing decreased for a few days after playing ball.

As my two month follow up approached, I noticed that I couldn't hear much when I layed down with my left ear on the pillow. So I thought my hearing had decreased from before the surgery. I got my audiogram and there was no improvement from the pre op value. The ENT and the audiologist were disappointed in the results, and I'm scheduled to have a revision on January 30th. He said he thought there was a "significant chance" that the prosthesis had slipped out of place.

We'll see how it goes. If the problem is not apparent, then he said it's likely that the otosclerosis had spread into the cochlea.

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