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So sorry to hear what has happened to your husbands hearing. I have had one stapedectomy with great results and I am getting the other ear done on Tuesday. I was really worried about flying after op but was reassured by surgeon it is ok after 6 weeks. I have been told by two different surgeons to only fly after 6 weeks but I know some other posts have indicated flying sooner is ok.
Has your husband had hearing test yet? Sometimes it is hard to judge how the hearing is going because you may get used to better results immediately. The ear has a bit of healing to do.
If you are still having problems I would go back to the surgeon or get a 2nd opinion. Don't be afraid to do this sooner rather than later.
I have my fingers crossed for you and hope you post now with great results!
[QUOTE=Nickle1;4949932]Thank you. What a shame about your husbands hearing. It must have been really disappointing to get it back then lose it. It sounds like something may have slipped out of place which hopefully can be corrected by further surgery. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
I am really worried about this flying thing to the point I checked with my specialist again because I have to fly numerous times about 10 weeks after surgery. He assures me it will be ok. Maybe the flying was just a coincidence - be careful next time just in case.
I will post again as soon as I can after surgery. Getting close now!!

Hi Nickle
So I take it you did fly after your first stapedectomy and you did fine? I had a left ear stapedectomy in August of 2011, so 7 months ago. I have been traveling everywhere by car since. I know I will need to fly again so I am just looking for reassurance, not from my doctor, but from someone who had the surgery, flew and did fine. All I read about on here are stories of people who had problems with flying and lost their restored hearing. I appreciate your response and good luck with your next stapedectomy.

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