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My 8 year old daughter has had problems with her right ear since birth. Chronic ear infections as an infant which lead to a tubes being put in her ears. Didn't help the infections. Vitamins cleared that up. After the tube came out we figured everything was fine. In 1st grade she had her hearing tested in school and it came back with some hearing loss. Took her to the ENT, confirmed hearing loss due to pressure in the right ear. The left ear was slightly affected. With all the tests they did, they could not find out the cause of the pressure, bones looked normal, no fluid, no damage to the ear drum. They put in a tube which allowed the pressure to release and her hearing is fine in both ears. She is in 3rd grade now, the tube is falling out and causing her pain.

I'm concerned that once the tube falls out the pressure will return and we will have to keep repeating the process.

Does anyone know what could be causing the constant pressure in her hear? She has tried several different things to get her ear to pop and they don't work.

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