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Ringing in Head
Feb 9, 2012
A month ago I got sick from my little sister, had a cold, stuffy nose and throat, some coughing as well. My ears would also pop, crack and I noticed a feeling of fluid draining out of one ear (left ear if I can recall). A few days later, right out of the blue I noticed a ringing in my head, not ears though. A somewhat loud high frequency sound; 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' and its been stuck in my head since. I wasn't exposed to any loud noise either (was sitting at my desk watching a movie at a normal volume).

I visited my doctor a few days later and described my symptoms and told him that my sinus is very congested. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last year, 2011, and my scans showed that I had a lot of mucous buildup in my sinus. I was asked if I had trouble breathing as sugery could help. I never had 'trouble' breathing but I pretty much always have a yearly cold and breathing through my nose has never exactly been perfect. After telling my doctor this, he prescribed me Nasonex for my recent cold as he said I was still showing some symptoms of being sick. He said it was most likely due to excess mucous going into my eustachian tubes which causes the ringing (I asked if that could have been the case, and he did agree it was most likely due to excess mucous). He also mentioned to exercise the valsalva maneuver.

I used Nasonex twice daily, one spray in each nostrel (once at the beginning of the day, once before bedtime). A few days passed and the ringing seemed to drastically improve, so much so that most days I went about without noticing it at all and not having it affect my day to day activities (it was still there, but very faint).

Fast forward a couple weeks; I got pelvic and groin pains to which I saw my doctor again on a tuesday and he said to use Advil to relieve the pain and it would pass within time. I took 2 pill of Advil a day (400mg per pill) for 7 days. I felt much better after about 5 days. The following Sunday, my ringing in my ears suddenly increased (February 4th 2012). The cracking and popping when swallowing is still there as is the ringing (or the high pitched sound). It seems as the ringing has slightly decreased since its sudden increase, and it is always significantly quieter or almost non-existent in the morning. Showers seem to mask the sound and helps for half 15 or so minutes.

However, my ears now hurt a little, I'm experiencing some aches and sharp pains every now and then in both ears.

My doctor is away on vacation and won't be back until Monday February 13th, 2012 (today is Friday).

So, that all said, I have a few questions;

1) Could there be a different cause of the ringing in my ears?
2) Does the ringing last forever or can it subside over the coming months?
3) Does anyone have any suggestion for remedies?

Thank you!!

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