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Thanks for your well wishes. As promised here's my update:

Day 1: I was supposed to arrive at hospital at 11am but arrived earlier than planned due to illness of my mother who was originally supposed to take me. She developed a severe upper sinus infection so I decided to take a lift with my husband instead. I arrived at 8am to be told my operation was 6:15pm. A whole day without food - I last ate at 5:20am. I was given a couple of small apple juices and a small lemonade which I had to consume by 10:30am.
I went into theatre at 4pm and was met by my anaesthetist and was told I was having a general anaesthetic. My first operation was under local.
The operation began at 5:15 after cruly watching a food show on theatre waiting area TV. It was over really quickly because I remember it being before 6pm in recovery. I was not vomiting, was very sleepy and could hear nothing from operated ear. My anaesthetist had warned me I would be groggy from anti nausea medication he would give me during the operation.
I had a restless evening and night. Ear still fully blocked with packing and a plastic cover.really couldn't complain of any pain - no pain medication requested. No vomiting but still slight dizziness noticed when I moved my head and walked to the bathroom. I couldn't sleep - uncomfortable hospital bed and they were waking me during the night to take my blood pressure and alter the drip.
I was happy to be out with no major problems.

Day 2 (today): I had a couple of hours sleep in the morning and felt much better today. Still can't hear anything and was looking forward to specialist catching up with me about how it all went. He did not meet up with me and gave instruction s for me to be discharged. I still don't know if not hearing anything means the operation actually worked. I can hear some tinnitus in my operated ear. It changes from heartbeat, to high pitch ring, to a duller thud noise - not too annoying and hopefully temporary. I am only slightly dizzy now and was a bit nauseous when I left the hospital at 10am. I was not sick though and sipped on soda water. It is now 3:20pm and I seem to be constantly improving. No need for pain medications but still no hearing out of the operated ear. Fingers crossed xx

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