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Hi Clare
It is hard enough to adapt to your new hearing - it must be really hard to adapt to other languages too! I am glad your first week went well.
I think that popping is still fluid moving in your ear when you are driving. You probably don't notice it when you sit still because fluid is not moving. I am no doctor though...

Day 5: I can hear phone conversations out of operated ear that still contains packing. I also noticed some loud base noises when watching TV. There is a building site across the road and I had to check with my son whether they were using a jack hammer. The base noise was vibrating in the back of my head.
I am going to attempt to wash my hair today. I can't stand it any longer! I tried dry shampoo but it does not leave my hair feeling nice and I still have yellow in my hair from the operation. I want it gone!
I have a headache today - I had one yesterday but have soldiered on without medication. It is a little more intense today.
I am thinking of watching my son play soccer this morning. I really want to get out for a little while.

Clare - good luck with your hearing test. It seems like you will get good results.


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