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I have been diagnosed with bilateral otosclerosis. I have finally decided to go ahead and get a stapedectomy done on my left ear next Tuesday. I had a stapedectomy on my right ear in 2005 with good results however when I read some of these posts I get scared and feel really sorry about the side effects others have experienced.
In my first operation I was frightened about being awake (i had local anaesthetic) but was really surprised at how relaxed I was. I was given a tablet which I think almost put me to sleep. I recall being told they were removing the bone and to keep still. I heard some crunching sounds, no pain and then suddenly the dr was whispering numbers with clarity into my ears. It was amazing!! Packing was removed in 1 week with a vacuum and I had no side effects. I followed post op instructions with precision. My hearing was greatly improved although I could hear my husband snoring at night (really the only bad outcome).
Different surgeon this time due to move and fingers crossed for the same result!!
I found this site fantastic to assist in decision making and will do my bit to inform others how I go with operation #2. At the time of my first operation I did not have otosclerosis in the left ear. It has developed. I am finding it hard to hear in meetings and i have very poor clarity on the phone if using the left ear. I also have a high pitch ringing sound all the time which I really hope goes away with the surgery.
I am hoping I am doing the right thing getting the op in both ears and I do not lose all my hearing in the long term.
Fingers crossed!

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