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No injury, no fever, no swelling of mastoid bone, no sore throat, no neck aches. Woke up this morning around 10:00 a.m. (I'm retired) and noticed my hearing on my left side was "off" like maybe when you go up into the mountains and your hearing is lessened until your ears "pop". I tried to use the phone landline and the dial tone --to my left ear--sounded like white noise as well as the dial tone (changed to my right ear and the dial tone was fine).

What kind of hearing loss causes you to hear white noise with one ear????

I got an appt and went to Urgent Care, and while waiting, noticed their TV sounded tinny like an old timey radio show, and sounded like things were spoken in a tunnel.

What kind of hearing loss causes you to hear tinny sounding voices?

Saw the doc, a GP, who couldn't find anything visually wrong --no build up of wax, no inflammation of my ear drum, no swellings, no fever, no pain, no drainage, so he gave a call to a specialist, who said it might be a swelling of the inner ear, but no one knew without more tests. The GP told me the Head and Neck specialist wanted to get me in tomorrow morning and run tests, including a hearing test.

I asked the GP if I could have a problem with my brain, or a tumor, a stroke, an impending horrible event and the GP said no, there was no indication of that from what he knew and from what the specialist said-- which was good so that means I'll be able to sleep somewhat tonight.

GP said the specialist might give me prednisone or even a cortisone injection IN MY EAR if swelling is found in my middle ear or if there was something wrong with the tiny bones there ! WHAT????? I never heard of swelling in the middle ear except for "glue ear" that young children have! Ewwwwwww!

A cortisone shot in my ear? NO THANKS! I'll be asking for a definitive dx and if there are other ways to resolve this!

MEanwhile, I'm more than a bit worried. Does anyone have any idea what could this be?

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