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My name is Tomer and I'm from Israel. I'm writing here because a family member of mine have an emergency case of hearing loss.

No doctor in Israel right now is able to tell us what it is, and this is the reason I'm contacting you.
We will appreciate your help so much if you could even just try to the define what is the case here.

Amos is 27 years old.
February 2012 Amos had Herpes Zoster in the back. He was treated with Zovirax and get better.
After one month he woke up one morning not hearing from the left ear.
He went to the doctor, he was given steroids for a week, Prednisone, and sent to rest at home or to the hospital.
He came home feeling very bad, headaches, dizziness and with a ringing on the left ear.
We went to an EEC doctor who sent him to the hospital.
He was at the hospital for 5 days with steroids treatment and was liberated with the request to make MRI.
He made MRI and a couple of days after our family doctor phoned that we should go to the hospital again since there is a suspicion of meningitis or encephalitis and a suggestion to make a lumbar punction.
He was hospitalized again and they performed a lumbar punction.
He was given for 5 days a large quantity of steroids by the vein.
During his stay at the hospital he started to loose the hearing on the right ear.
The seasickness and headaches stopped, not completely but he is feeling much better.
The problem is that he is loosing the hearing on the other ear, day by day.
All the studies that were done, BERA, whole body CT, blood tests are OK.
The first results of the lumbar punction are also OK.
The doctors say he has some sort of inflammation on the mielin of the brain. He is still receiving steroids but instead of getting better he is getting worse.
The syndrome is called SSHL, sudden hearing loss but that is not the desease. Nobody yet has been able to give a straight answer as to what he has except the inflammation of the mielin.

Thank you very much,

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