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I woke up to a scratchy ear the other morning and within a few hours it had closed up and felt like it was blocked with a ton of wax or something. I went to the Dr. later that day and he said it was pretty much clear, although the canal and eardrum were red. (likely from a qtip I stuck in there earlier in the day to try and clean out the blockage). I also told him about a really bad neck pain I had a few days prior and was hoping to get chiropractic relief. He pretty much shrugged this off. He called an ENT specialist and got me an appt, (I havent been yet.) The original Dr. said that it may be sudden hearing loss OR just some small infection and that he wanted to treat me for both using antibiotics, eardrops, and prednisone(60mg). Meanwhile, my neck was still hurting and I decided to visit a chiropractor to get that issue resolved. After taking Xrays the DC pointed out that my neck was curved to the side of the bad ear, like this ( . He adjusted me back to normal and while the neck pain subsided, ther has been no real ear progress yet. It was his theory that the lymph node could have been pinched from the bent neck and caused the ear to back up instead of draining properly. I am planning to visit both the ENT and continue with chiropractic care, but I am curious if anyone else has had similar experiences. I am only 32 and in good health otherwise and Im convinced the neck and ear issues are related. Any thoughts?

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