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Hi everyone,

I'm 3 months post-op stapedectomy for otosclerosis. At first everything was fine. My hearing came back to normal levels! But recently (last 6 weeks or so) I've been getting pain if I'm even the least bit congested, along with dizziness and vertigo. I got a sinus infection and wow--that hurt my ear a lot. I had to go back on pain meds.

When I've brought it up to my surgeon he kind of brushes me off. He says he's "never heard of" this sort of thing happening, that I shouldn't be having post-op pain at all. He says ear drum looks normal and he can't see anything wrong. I'm hesitant to go back because it doesn't seem like he's really listening. It's really frustrating to be in pain every time I get a stuffy nose (I have 2 little kids and colds run rampant in our house this time of year). The dizziness and vertigo happen if I climb stairs, turn around quickly, sit up, stand from bending over, etc. Often it makes me nauseated.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? What did you do? Thanks!

I read your post since im concern too about pain in ear after stapedectomy.

I am 6 months pre op though..i Had mild dizziness in earlier months but controllable. Last month everything so fine until last week i had fluctuating operated ear has its closed and open issue ..I really hear clearly when it opens but it closes again..I do manage to control n open my ears then lately my ear hurts..Maybe I pressured my ears so much?I've gone to checked and the doctor told me that my ears are fine..anyway my hearing is normal..but a little dizzines..He only give me pain reliever..and observe any changes again.I am afraid so much that will affect my hearing.

How are you now?
I'm looking forward from ur reply..

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