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Hi, I've had this whooshing noise, that whooshes to the beat of my heart, which I've read around online that it's called Pulsatile Tinnitus (Hard time spelling that word). Well I've been to an ENT about it, but he doesn't do anything, I went for like three or four months, he just kept telling me "give it another three weeks and see what happens" Well, almost a year has gone by (a year in Feb. since it's started) and It's gotten progressivly louder, and more consistent, and I don't know what to do about it, It's distracting, giving me headaches. I kind of feel like crying because I don't know what to do. Everyone keeps telling me give it time, but I think a year is enough time to try and figure out what's wrong with it!

Please someone help, I've tried everything from getting the wax sucked out to the swimmers ear stuff (I use to be a swimmer so at first that's what I thought it was, but I haven't been swimming in almost three years). Please help!!!

Thank you
Karisa S
I too have been suffering with a whooshing sound in my left ear which coincides with my heart beat rhythm. If I block the carotid artery in the left side of my neck the noise goes away. (Some nights I sit there with my remote control pressed up against my neck to stop the noise.) It's not there constantly, but enough to really bother me. It all started when I was hospitalized for bleeding from my colon. I lost quite a bit of blood and requied 2 transfusions. Midway though my hospital stay I started hearing the noise in my left ear. I told every doctor but they all looked at me like I was crazy. Some just said it was my heart working extra hard due to the loss of blood.

Since then I've gone to a vascular surgeon and had an ultra-sound done on my neck. Nothing found there. A CTA scan on my head and neck (where they inject the dye in you.) Again, nothing found there. All appeas to be normal.

BUT...I'm hearing this noise every single day.

There HAS to be a reason for this. As I type this it is really loud and driving me crazy. My hemogoblin is low and I'm taking iron supplements to being my blood count back up. I've read this could be possibly be the cause.

Can't anyone help or suggest who to see?? Has anyone heard anything?
Do either of you suffer Nasal problems eg. Excessive mucose or blocked nose.
I was diagnosed some years ago with Tinitus and it can cause various vibrations from whistling, wooshing, bell's ringing and pulsating noises and noises like your heart-beating in your ear/ears.
I have found this to be worse when suffering from colds or additional mucous in the nasal passages.
This is not unusual as E.N.T are all connected.

Thank you for replying! No I haven't had a stuffy nose nor any nasal issues, I've noticed that when I just get over a cold it's gotten louder, or, become more frequent as well as it goes away for a day or two while I'm sick. It's quite obnoxious now, as I hear it all the time, and at work I have to wear a radio, with an ear piece, though I don't have it up very loud, and when I do sometimes the whoosing is so loud I can't hear if someone's calling me over the radio. When it gets really loud, I've noticed I start getting these really harsh headaches and I get a little light headed. I don't have insurance or anything so a doctor is out of my budget at the moment. :(

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