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I got into the osu ent clinic from my local ent doctor so I did not have to wait. I can't tell you how long it would be in order to get into the osu ent clinic. As far as your ear situation I can relate to it more then you can imagine. With ear fluid in the ear that will allow air bubbles and make your hearing to be muffled and give you that fullness feeling your talking about. Does it mess with my mind the issues I have? Hell yes it does I have had to battle severe depression and continue to this day because of all I have been through from all the cancer treatments and the lasting side effects it gave me. But on to the questions you are asking. The tests in themselves are not useless but they will need to scope your sinus on both sides and have you swallow and they will be able to tell if your Eustachian tube are working right or not. The only thing a ear tube will do is allow the pressure another area to vent and allow fluid to drain if your ear is full and them using a suction device will take all the fluid out. With out the Eustachian tube venting each time you swallow or when ear pressure builds up and it stays shut then the middle because its a wet are will build up with fluid. I have read and what we both have is very rare and there is really no fix for this and trust me I know how you feel but I just try to take a day at a time. I am luck my right side works normal like it always have. I miss my old days when everything worked right but because of the stupid tumor it took all that away.
I just went to another ent today and he said that I still have fluid in my ear. I explained all my symptoms to him of the fullness, decreased hearing, cracking, although less often, and feeling like their is air or an echo when I speak. It has been like that ever since I first got the ear infection. He wants me to take antibiotics and this stronger steroid nose inhaler for 10 days. He says they need to be taken together. I don't understand that. If there is no improvement he said he will drain my ear. I didn't ask about a tube although most doctors probably want to put them in. I don't hold out much hope at this point for the meds to do any good. This is my third course of cefdinir since I first went to the doctor for my ear over the 4th and the second type of steroid nose inhaler. He took some kind of instrument with a hose on the end and a light, sprayed some kind of stuff up my nose. I'm assuming it was an anesthetic and stuck the hose down my nose. What was this? Was this endoscopy? He said that I don't have a patulous eustachian. He said that is when you hear your breathing and speech loudly all the time. Is this true? Do you think he knows what he's talking about? I thought I would ask you as I thought you would know. I've been reading about people getting misdiagnosed on these boards and I'm still very scared. I had tubes in my ears as a 10 year old child but had no side effects. I don't want to have this done, but I don't know what else to do at this point since it's been over 2 months already. What is your advice? Will the tube decrease my hearing ability or will I hear better if the rest of the fluid is gone? I've never been so scared about anything in my life. Even when I had an emergency c-section 23 years ago that was not as traumatic as this has been for me the past two months. I appreciate you communicating with me about all this dire health misfortune and appreciate any advice that you can give. I have prayed that health will return for you as well as myself.
they did scope your sinus from the sound of things and if he said you don't have a patulous Eustachian tube them maybe you don't. I do have it cause mine is open all the time on the left side and once I get my surgery to close it for good then I wont have that problem anymore but I might develop others along the way mostly with fluid but I won't know for sure and I will always have to have a tube in my left ear regardless. I can tell you that if he does go to drain your ear he will be putting a lance into your ear drum and putting a hole into it then they will suction all the fluid out and they might put a tube in or they might not but that is usually up to the ent dr for that. Your ear drum will begin to close back up within a week and be fully healed within a month. Using them meds might help but then again they might not just depends on your body. All I can say I made the mistake of not getting a second opinion. I spent a whole year having cancer in my body from my tumor and did not even know I had it but I kept telling my doctor something was wrong and he kept telling allergies. Well as my symptoms kept getting worse and the fluid never went away and horrible nose bleeds then finally when he scoped me and found the tumor the size of a fist then he could not deny that something as wrong but never admitted it. I got sent to osu and within a month I had a full diagnosis and everything of knowing I had cancer. If this fluid problem has been going on for so long I would definetly would not keep letting it go like this as over time the fluid without getting drained out will cause infection after infection and you will loose hearing that will eventually not come back. Ask me cause I know I am living proof of it. Sometimes them doctors really don't want to help you like the good old days.
I thought that was what the tube was for so that the ear would be able to drain. Did they not put a tube in the first time or did the fluid just keep coming back because of the tumor and the tube just wasn't enough to keep it drained.
This doctor that I saw on Friday wants me to wait for 10 days before he'll drain or tube my ear. Wants me to use antibiotics and the steroid spray at the same time. I have already done that before. I know this isn't going to resolve the fluid issue because it would have already done it by now. I'm going back in his office Monday morning. I had him paged this morning, told him that my ear was really hurting and feeling very full and that I was off balance feeling. He wouldn't do anything for me. Said to come into his office Monday. If he won't drain and tube my ear then do you know a doctor that I can go and see that would do the procedure for me? OSU is out of the question as they won't even see me until Nov. 1. There's no way that I can wait that long and keep putting up with this. Who did you see before you went to OSU? I walked up the stairs today and I felt this sensation like something was moving in my ear. Did you ever feel anything like that when you had the fluid?
When I first got the tube I did fine and had no problems with fluid until the tumor got bigger but that was before I even knew I had it. Eventually the fluid came back and just stayed and that was from the tumor and nothing else. Yes I could feel the fluid by moving head around and you would get a sound like when you fill up a cup with water from the sink and you get that whooshing sound. As far as a Doctor I honestly don't know any one else up in your area that could help since I am not even from that area. Best thing to do is just use the drugs and after a week he won't have a choice but to have to drain your ear if its still there.
I have heard of Dr Poe in Boston and I would love to go to him but I don't have the funds to go see him and have to get a plain ticket and all that other stuff. I heard in order to see him there is a long waiting line. The surgery I am wanting to get done the only thing my doctor can do is close it for good and most ent's don't like to do that as it can not be reversed. Basically he is going to cut a piece of fat from my wait line and then put it into the Eustachian tube and then cauterize it shut and as it heels up it will scar shut. As far as the fluid stuff goes what causes it to build up is when the Eustachian tube works normally it allows a quick gust of air into the middle ear each time you swallow etc. Problem comes when it stays closed or is blocked and then because the middle ear is a wet area then without the air to come in and keep it dry it then builds up fluid over time and with no where to go it just keeps filling up. yes the ear tube allows for the fluid to drain but it does nothing to allow air to get into the ear to keep things dry persay. Cause all it does is basically allow the ear to vent air pressure and that's about it. I have no idea when I will get my surgery done or if I will be able to get it done. The insurance company is fighting me on it cause they think its a unecessary surgery and don't recognizie it. I already had two surgeries done where he injected a filler stuff into the sides of my Eustachian tube to fatten it up but after a few weeks it came back with the autophony issue. I don't know what to tell you about dr wise as I have not seen anyone else except my current one and my previous one.
I've been trying to read everything that I can about this surgery to open up the tube. How is Dr.Poe's surgery for patulous tube different from the surgery that your trying to get done here in Columbus? Maybe you know the answer to this question as I can't find out about it either. Is there a difference between the balloon dilation surgery for the blocked tube and microdermabrasion for it? If you don't know where can I go to find out? Where have you read that patulous eustachian tube was a side effect of this surgery for some? I would like to read that paper. If someone had a patulous tube why would they still have fluid in their ear, if the tube is open shouldn't it drain all the fluid out? I'm having a hard time understanding. I know why it doesn't in your case, but for someone with no tumor I'm having a hard time understanding how an ear can have a patulous tube and not drain the fluid out if there is nothing else blocking it. I don't want to live the next 20 years of my life partially deaf. I would rather be dead since I am going to have to do that anyway. I keep praying that I will be healed but God has not responded to my prayers. If you pray at all, please pray for me, as I'm so depressed that I'm ready to die over this. I'm too afraid to try to kill myself but I keep praying that everytime I fall asleep that I won't wake up.
Well I don't know the whole procedure of what Dr poe does. From what I read he will insert a small tube made of plastic type material up into the Eustachian tube and he developed a way to put stints on the back of the tube so it stays into the Eustachian tube so it does not fall out. If a person has any autophony issues he will inject a type of fat up the tube that helps get rid of that if it happens but does not completely shut off the Eustachian tube itself. I read about it on here from some old posts from a couple of years ago but I honestly can not find the exact page or what the comment title was. The surgery I am getting done closes up the Eustachian tube for good with out any way of opening it back up so that in return makes for me to have a ear tube for rest of life and the risk of repeated fluid build up. With out air coming and going in the ear it causes fluid to build up cause the inner ear is made of moist tissue and in normal Eustachian tube function it opens up very fast and releases pressure each time you swallow or if there is altitude pressure change you tube will pop real fast. Everytime that happens a quick gust of air goes up into the middle ear and will also depending on the situation it will pop again and that releases pressure kind of like a pressure cooker does. When it does not do that then without the air on the occasion it will then start to build up moisture and then fluid builds up. If you get a ear infection it will cause fluid to build up and it can take time to drain away even though the Eustachian tube is still opening up. Infections will do that sometimes. As far as reading about the pet being a side effect of balloon dilation I read it somewhere but it was last year when I did so sorry I can't remember were I read it but maybe do a google search and maybe you might find something.Basically to make it simple of the Eustachian tube is not functioning correctly and stays closed most of the time then fluid builds up and will become a infection and with out the tube opening up it will just stay there and sometimes will push its way out the Eustachian tube but not enough for it all to drain out cause of it not opening up like it should. That was the problem I had before the tumor got big mine was like yours to where it would stay closed because the tumor was not yet closing it off but was pushing it closed. Now in your case you don't have a tumor so basically yours is staying closed from what I can tell and because of that its not getting enough air up there to keep things working right. In my case I don't have any fluid cause mine is open all the time and never closed and everytime I breath a gush of air goes up through the Eustachian tube allowing air to keep things dry but unfortunately it makes for the autophony issues.
Hello Narue getting ear tubes is actually not that bad and really does not affect hearing to the point that you notice any difference in hearing as that was my experience. As far as ear pressure goes it will allow air pressure through the tube itself and you really don't feel anything you just hear a quick pop when it releases pressure. As far as fluid goes if you do get fluid build up then that is a whole different story and the ear tube actually wont interfere with that in anyway and as far as the fluid goes you won't have to do anything it will drain out of the tube itself if your Eustachian tube does not allow for it to drain in your sinus. An ear tube can cause some mechanical loss of hearing but honestly it won't be really nothing you will notice and I had mine for over six months before my cancer tumor caused major issues and my hearing on the ear was still normal on tests. I only had issues with pressure when the fluid built up and that causes hearing loss but not that your actually loosing your hearing its like when you put your finger in your ear and your hearing is muffled. The ear tube is like a old gasoline can with a air vent and it allows for release of pressure or another way for inner ear pressure to air out.

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