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I have a different kind of hearing loss.

It might have started a long time ago with a plane trip (maybe 20+ yrs ago) while I had a head cold - and although I immediately experienced some pain in both ears - it continued with a mild irritation in both ears.

Then I started getting some scratching and shuffling sounds (like the sound of velcro) and also some popping and fluid-type sounds in both ears.

Then I noticed the high and low frequencies come and go along with a kind of opening and closing sensation in both ears. So, if I got some air coming up from my stomach, my hearing would "flex" and the high and low frequenices would blast through, for a split-second, and then disappear again. This got worse with time too. ie. mostly gone.

It resulted in a kind of closed kind of sensation and the impression my hearing had gone off.

I tried enquiring about sinuses and eustachian tubes. They were fine and my ear drums were fine too.

Also earlier on if there were loud noises, I would get buzzing in both ears.

Went to possibly two Hearing Specialists. One said I was a "perfectionist".
I went for hearing tests and the reports showed my hearing loss was within the normal range.

Today I find it quite hard to follow normal things like, people talking, tv, movies. Crowded areas are worst.

I think I have noticed an improvement when going on holiday and been able to radically lower my stress.

Often it is a kind of "hot" sensation. And cooler when it feels less stressed.

I think my hearing was starting to sharpen up when I controlled what I ate - quite strictly. ie. avoiding caffeine dairy and a strict low G.I. diet - no bread gluten starch etc.

While I was on this strict-eating regime I was cat-napping and was woken up by a loud blast of sound - twice - like being right next to an air-conditioner or something, but there was nothing around to cause it. So maybe it is neural.

Cranial-osteopathy seemed to alleviate it. Also explored TMJ exercises but they seemed less helpful.

Maybe it is stress and relaxation related. A complete change of environment might be ideal, but I just have to manage it as much as possible. It cuts me off a lot from things. I have listened to a lot of music over the years being a music enthusiast was worried that this might have been causing it - I was getting fatigued hearing earlier on and I still do get fatigued easily.

I'm not expecting too much help, but, hope I can help anyone else with this kind of problem, and maybe add some hope.

Rob C.

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