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I am glad that worked for you but I have had a ear tube in my left ear for over three years and I have not had any relief for my autophony. I will warn anyone who reads this please don't get a Eustachian tube obliteration I got a surgery to eliminate this autophony issue and it was a big mistake. I am lucky my Eustachian tube did not totally scar shut and I still have a small opening. I still have the autophony but better that then a ear full of fluid and muffled hearing. The problem is when I lay down at night it causes me all sorts of issues since I had that surgery and its because my Eustachian tube is so scarred right now it can't open up unless I am standing up. I get massive ear pressure and I also developed balance issues because of all of it from that surgery. I just wished I did not have it done and am now trying to get my Eustachian tube opening fixed back to normal as possible. I might always have autophony but I guess I have learned to live with it. Better that then fluid and muffled hearing on that side. Thank God my right side of still normal. Nasopharyngeal cancer tumor was the cause of all this.

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