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I had an ear infection three months ago. I was left with fluid in my ear. I went to one ent who told me to use flonase for a month and if I had to use it longer go ahead. She gave me several refills. Well I used it for a month with no improvement. Went back to the ent and she gave me a tympanogram test. I think that's what it was. I went into a booth and put an earplug like thing in my ear. She said that I didn't have any fluid in my ear and she stated "you don't have a tumor or anything and your not deaf so keep it in perspective". She didn't believe me, she believed her quacky test. I knew it wasn't right as I knew there was fluid in my ear. I made another appointment with a different ent. Took me a couple of weeks to get it. Even he tried to put me off for 10 days. Wanted me to take more antibiotics which I had already had three courses of them and also wanted me to use more steroid nose stuff. I knew that none of that was going to do any good as I had tried it all before. I had to call his paging service over that next weekend and have them get ahold of him. I told him that I was having alot of pressure and that I was off balance. I came into his office that Monday and he gave me a myringotomy. He didn't put a tube in. Not that I wanted a tube or anything but I was concerned that my ear would fill back up with fluid. It's been three weeks and I'm still not hearing right. I feel like I have lost half of my hearing in the affected ear. I'm also off balance and feeling pressure in the ear. I'm suspicious that fluid has re-accumulated in the ear. I can't do valsalva. I'm having a hearing test today and I am know the results are going to be bad. I'm also nervous that something else might be going on. Some underlying undiagnosed condition. All this ent said was eustachian tube dysfunction. That is pretty vague to me. Has anything like this happened to anybody out there? Can you have permanent hearing loss from fluid in your ear for a few weeks. It was not glue ear if that makes a difference. That is why he said he didn't put in a tube. Can an mri or ct scan show if fluid is present? My ear was half full of fluid when he suctioned it out. I just know that my ear is not the same and I'm terrified about this. I don't know if I could have mastoiditis or a cholesteatoma. I am at an increased risk for cholesteatoma from having the ear infection and then the myringotomy. I even wondered about having a patulous eustachian tube because some of the symptoms matched mine. Can you lose hearing ability from fluid or just one middle ear infection? I need as much info as I can get about this if anyone has experienced anything similar. Thank you.

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