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Hi all,

Several years ago, I developed new borderline mild/moderate hearing loss in my left ear. I've attributed it to TMJD all along because I was having a lot of issues with my right ear at the time which were caused by the TMJD directly. I thought it was weird to have the hearing loss in my left ear when my TMJD issues were with my right, but I didn't have any other things on my radar to consider.

Yesterday, I had a follow-up with my audiologist and she got me to thinking about this some more. I realized last night that I had a bout of viral meningitis about 3 years ago. (During the timeframe when my tmjd was very bad.) I did some internet searching and found a lot of connections to meningitis and hearing loss in children.

I'm curious. Any of you out there have hearing loss caused by meningitis or know someone who has? I know the hearing loss is permanent, but it would be reassuring to know a cause since losing any more hearing scares me to death. (I already had severe hearing loss in my right ear from birth.)

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