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[QUOTE=stacygo8;5327460]I had my surgery Monday and hear nothing. I know the packing is in there, but I very nervous that I made a mistake, I still had some hearing in that ear. Just needed to put thay out there. Also, when were you able to wash your hair?[/QUOTE]

You are not alone! I was terrified that I couldn't hear seemingly anything. The doctor said to run my fingers over the outside lobe of my ear - you should be able to "hear" it inside your head. Although the packing mutes everything (entirely too well it seems!), as long as you can "hear" your fingers moving over your ear in your head, you are healing. I have found this to be very comforting when things start "snap, crackle and popping"

I will be going in for my 2nd appt on Friday. I had my surgery on December 5th and I still have packing in my ear. It is extremely annoying, and is supposed to "dissolve" on its own with the drops given 2 weeks after surgery. It seems to be taking forever, although today something gross (a gooey blackish blob) came out with the drops. I am guessing this is old, bloody packing, but ... ew, and not all of it, as it still feels like my ear is full of cotton.

Hang in there! It does get better, and if I hold something up to that side, and plug the left side now, I do hear sound - muffled, but I can make out words as well as tones now, so it does get better!

I was at 45-60% hearing in both ears. This is my first surgery. I am optimistic this will help and I will have the 2nd surgery done middle of next year.

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