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Do you know anything about conductive hearing loss? I'll try to make my story short. I had an ear infection 3 months ago and had fluid in the ear. I had a myringotomy but the ent didn't put a tube in. I'm not sure if that was smart or not. I didn't make the decision though. It's been almost two weeks and I'm not hearing any better than before. I'm wondering if the fluid has returned. Would you happen to know how often that happens? The ent said I would need a hearing test and if I had conductive hearing loss then I would need a tube. I feel like I have lost 25 to 50 percent of my hearing in the one ear. I also felt that way before the myringotomy. I've googled info on myringotomies but I can't seem to find anything about how effective they are and at what rate fluid returns in the ear without a tube present. Everything that I have read says that I should be about healed up. That is what concerns me since I have had no improvement. Can I rely on a hearing test to determine if fluid has reaccumulated? I was even told by another ent that I didn't have fluid when I clearly did. You can see why I am very skeptical of the doctors and what they tell me. I have heard alot of bad things about tubes for adults and I'm certainly not wanting one but if I have fluid that has returned then I don't see any other alternative. Can you give me any advice or more information on any of these things?

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