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Replying to FeelingNervous and Hariiom and to any others reading this. Thank you, FeelingNervous, for your ideas and replies. They helped me and I am sure many others.

My recovery took longer than I expected. More than two months before I was hearing better in my left/operated ear, and I would say I got a little improvement even over the next couple months, too. The final result was not as good as I had hoped--not as good as my right ear; however, significantly better than even with the hearing aid before. I guess I would say I have a B+/A- result.

I felt my ears needed to pop a lot for at least four months, and really it has just subsided about a month ago. It is about six months for me now, and sometimes at night, I'll still get the drum beating in my ear--which is hearing my blood and heart beat loud. It never happens in my unoperated ear. I remember the doctor had told me a couple weeks until my hearing came in, but it was a nurse who told me it is frequently a couple months. So unless there is pain, or a reversal of a positive trend, I would give it time. (I had no pain, one 45 minute spell of dizziness that hit me like a truck then went away as quickly, no problem with taste.)

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