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Hi everyone Im Diane 32 years old, On Feb 27th 2014 I had a left stapedectomy. Im so scared that it didn't work. My hearing in my operated ear wasn't that bad to start with Im not sure how its written but it was 30 in my left ear. Doctor told me that he thought I needed surgury. Well I did it. After surgery on the way home I burped and it vibrated in the operated ear felt funny and shortly later the ear popped not sure if thats the right word or not but my hearing went down. Do you think it fell off? How do you know if it fell off? I hear the heart beat in my ear and like a static sometimes and my ear makes poping sounds.

I still have some packing in my ear because it was stuck and Im on ear drops now and go back march the 19th 2014 to have it taken out. Im freaking out. Some higher pitched noises sound weird to me like some womens voices on tv almost sound a little muchkiny. Not all the time but since I've been using the ear drops. Anyone else have that? My ear still hurts sometimes like pressure or sharp short little pains.

Last night I cried cause Im scared I made a huge mistake but stopped cause I know I can't really blow my nose haha.
No one seems to understand how I feel and how scared I am they say it takes time, and I know if it did work it takes time, but I read some people can hear so soon and things are really loud. I dont know why I hear voices weird or sometimes my ear seem on a delay. Like listening to a song in the car I feel like the operated ear hears it like a 1/2 sec delay or something like slower(Its hard to explain). Anyone else have that?

Im just so scared. I have a spot over my left eye brow that if I touch I guess its a nerve it feels like someone is pulling my hair on top of my head. Nurse said its from a probe thing that put there or something that beeps during surgery if the doctor gets close to a nerve. Taste buds still off tounge feels more sensivite now and less numb.

Please someone help me I feel alone and I know its stupid to feel so scared but I have no one to talk to who understands

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