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Crackling in Ears
Apr 14, 2014
On and off for years I have had occasional bouts of crackling in my right ear, seemingly unrelated to movement or external stimuli. Of late it has become worse, crackling maybe for 5 secs, then silent for maybe 30 secs. Sometimes it can go almost continuous for hours or days. The crackling is loud enough to be quite distracting and is associated with a degree of vertigo. Best way I can describe the noise is like the crackling of cellophane, or the sound caused when live electrical cables are touched together, ie sparking. I have no fullness in the ear, but some hearing loss. ENT doctor has identified no cause and no solution.
I have found I can get some relief, or at least some minimalisation of the frequency and intensity of the noise by doing the Epley Maneuver, though I do not have the typical vertigo evidence that the cause is crystals in the wrong position in my ear canals. Instead when I lie down with head tilted, I hear an increased noise when my "noisy" ear is facing the ground, and little or no noise when I rotate my head 90 degrees.
Up to now the Epley Maneuvers have not eliminated the problem, so I'm wondering if I may have multiple crystals in the canal that are slow to move back to their correct position.
Does anyone else "hear" crystals moving in their motion sensing ear canals?

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