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Hello everyone,

I am new to this site but found it when I was trying to research how to best help my child.

She has suffered ear issues since a very young age. Just after she turned one she got her 1st set of tubes because of so many ear infections. After this set fell out her right ear drum was torn and her left ear drum had a hole in it.

By age 4 she had another tube put in her left ear (the right ear drum had totally worn away at this point), had toncils removed, and adenoids removed. Once the left tube fell out the ear drum was in better shape but there was still a hole.

At age 6 she had surgery on her right ear to widen the ear canal and make a new eardrum for her, it was a success but she still had some hearing loss they thought would improve with time.

At age 7 she had surgery on her left hear to repair the hole. This was a success and she has normal hearing now in her left ear.

Last check up in June with her surgeon shows her hearing loss in the right ear is 50db. So it has slowly gotten worse.

After this hearing test and discussion with her doctor he stated that it was conductive hearing loss because of calcification of the bones in her inner ear. There is surgery for it but she cannot be a candidate for it for many years.

We have always discussed with her teachers that she has right ear hearing loss so please put her in the front of the classroom with her left ear towards the teacher and this has worked until this year.

Her grades are falling and she is not hearing the teacher well, but cannot even tell the teacher when she is not hearing well because I don't think she even realizes it, meaning she hears deer when the teacher says gear.

I have a few questions now...

1. From research it looks like her hearing disorder is called Otosclerosis, am I correct?

2. From experience will a hearing aid help this condition?

3. She goes to an ENT specialist (a really good one), should we be seeing another type of doctor?

4. Is there anything I am missing?

5. What more can I do to help her?

Thank everyone so much in advance for any advice they can lend!

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