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I have a family history of otoschlerosis. This past summer I saw a specialist who said my hearing (both ears) is so bad that I'll need a cochlear implant within 10 years and offered me a stapedectomy that he said gets a "95% chance of significant improvement" in hearing. Last Tuesday, 10/7 I had the surgery that I was told "went well". I'm 60 yrs. old and in otherwise good health. I did think I was hearing things through that ear the first couple of days, then I heard a crackling sound, then NOTHING. I have had the sound of what I describe as "wind chimes" since the surgery in that ear that seems to get louder sometimes and then softer again but disturbs my sleep. I had the packing removed Monday 10/13 and the doctor did the tuning fork tests and didn't seem pleased with the results. There were students in the room and my doctor said to them "Well, his otoschlerosis was very advanced", almost like "It was a long shot anyway." Obviously contrary to what he told me about the 95% chance of improvement. Now, it seems I'm deaf in that ear with the exception of all the wind chime noises and I'm afraid this is what I'm stuck with. I'm 8 days post op now and wonder if I may be getting scared for a good reason, or for nothing. Maybe this is a typical result at this point? If anyone has any thoughts or experience with this, I'd REALLY appreciate hearing from you. BTW, the doctor did give me prednisone for two weeks in case the loss of hearing is because of swelling and inflammation.

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