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I am now on meclizine instead of Valium. Dr said this is unusual but will take time. My hearing is much better although very loud. No pain in ear. No improvement with new med.
I have spent about 90% of my time on bed reading, watching tv, playing on laptop. One reason that I am getting so freaked out is that my daughter is due with her first baby in a few weeks. Her husband travels and I had planned to spend time with her while he was gone ( she lives 300 miles away)
Sorry if I have gotten a little off subject.
My biggest problem with the vertigo is when I am walking. I need to hold on to something and cannot look at things in the distance.
I took a shower ( ear plugged) and fixed my hair yesterday so that maybe by looking like a human, I would feel like one. Didn't work although my husband appreciated it, I'm sure lol
Luckily my husband and I retired early because I cannot imagine worrying about losing my job or having to be home alone.
I need to report in with my dr on Monday and will let you know how it all goes (hopefully well).
Any ideas would be appreciated

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