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Hi all!
This is my first time posting, but I thought I'd give my report on my stapedectomy to see how it compares.

I had mine done on Friday (11/7) and I think everything went really well! I didn't get a chance to speak to my doctor before I was discharged, but my husband spoke to her and said everything was good. She did say my stapes was longer than normal for my height (?) and so they had to use a slightly longer prosthesis than anticipated. Anyone ever have that?

As for the surgery, I was under general anesthesia, and I'm really glad because it seems to be a trend that folks who go in under local only have vertigo more often, at least that's what I've noticed in reading these forums. But I woke up from the surgery, had very mild pain. Mostly my hand hurt from the little chunk they took to anchor the prosthesis. But I was allowed to go home after napping a few hours and getting up to take a walk without dizziness. I was only a bit groggy from the anesthesia.

I was home and pretty much on bed rest for the first day and a half. Just didn't want to risk doing too much. And that seems like it was a good choice, because I'm pretty much feeling normal again physically. I have had some bad tinnitus, though. The second night after surgery, I had a loud screeching ringing in the operated ear that kept me up all night. Thankfully that has subsided. But I'm still having some ringing and pulsatile tinnitus in the operated ear. But I had both occasionally before surgery anyway, so it's bearable.

I've also had some crackling in the operated ear and feeling like fluid was sloshing around, also some popping (when I yawn and swallow). And the first day some sounds were shockingly loud (the toilet flushing, for example, left my ear ringing). But that has subsided a bit over the last day or two. But overall, I'm glad I haven't had any major complications. I go in on Friday to get the packing out, and we'll see what happens.

I do have one question for folks, when the packing comes out, how is the sound of your own voice? The first day, my own speaking voice was uncomfortably loud, so I didn't want to talk much. Over the last couple of days that has subsided. But I'm worried that when the packing comes out, my voice might be a problem again. See, I'm a singer, and I actually have an audition a few days after the packing comes out. I haven't tried singing at all yet because frankly, I'm a bit scared to. I just worry about knocking things loose with the vibrations of my instrument. :cool: (LOL) But really, has anyone found their own voice to be a problem post-op? THANKS!!!

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