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Feb 15, 2015
Hi everyone!

So my wife had a Stapedectomy on the 8th of February of 2015. She spent two days at the hospital and since then has been home. She has gone to the doctor on the 13th of February and he cleared out some of the padding. We are going back tomorrow (16th) for some more removal.

She has been complaining a lot about headaches, she feels tension and ache above the eyebrows, anyone heard of that? Today during the morning she was feeling horrible, the worst I have seen.The pain and the dizziness where really taking its toll so I called the hospital and they prescribed another drug called Nolotil (we are from portugal, I donīt know the english name for this med but it is for post op pain).

Another symptom that drives her crazy is the constant heartbeat pound on her ear. Is really messes with her sleep ( woke up at 05:30 a.m this morning). What can we do to help with that?

She feels nauseas watching tv or using the computer so sometimes she watches some tv on a small laptop, it helps.

We have talked to the doctor about these symptoms and he always says they are normal and never gives us solutions. I would really like to help my wife and ease some of her pain!

Oh and this was a recovery operation, the first one she had (3 years ago) did nīt work. Kind of funny she does nīt remember if she had these symptoms last time :-)

Thanks everyone and forgive the spelling mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.

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