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... The antivirals made a very significant difference to the good for me. I had tried prednisone twice and some other things as well as changed my diet and while symptoms did fluctuate I never had improvement to equal what I have gotten from the antivirals. ... (13 replies)
... How is taking this medication helping your autophony symptoms? ... (13 replies)
... Has anybody been diagnosed with Perilymph Fistula and has AUTOPHONY as a symptom? ... (0 replies)

... i was originally dxed with p e t. but mine turned out to be middle ear myoclonus. yes the tensor tympani can cause some p e t like symptoms, i cut both tendons in my right ear and it helped me, just sensitive to sudden loud sounds, but thats the stapedial that was cut, i had the tt in the left ear cut and notice no difference in hearing on that up on all my posts,... (2 replies)
... Can a dysfunction of the tensor tympani cause autophony symptoms? ... (2 replies)
... Hi All. I am a PET sufferer too. I've been diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube by Dr. Kujawski in Geneve. Dr. Kujawski and Dr. Poe know each other and share almost the same approach to face with PET. In my case, the abnormal patency of my tubes is due to a blind laryngo-pharyngeal acid reflux from my stomach, that has severely damaged my tubes: they got burnt and now... (66 replies)
... Sorry for the delay in answering. As far as I am aware, autophony covers of these symptoms and others. My road to autophony was long and winding. I was eventually diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis involving a lot of my cranial nerves ... ... (12 replies)
Feb 17, 2008
... It seems like both my hearing and autophony are somehow made better and worse by weather. ... (5 replies)
... John, Unfortunately I do not have too many choices as I can only see who my Dr refers me to who is in my insurance network. There have been a few I would like to see but my insurance will not cover. I have had tests done twice over the last 6 months with an audiologist. He said there is nothing wrong with my Eustation Tube. Treatment for TMJ was unsucessful. Traetment for... (13 replies)
... Hi San Dee, Before I attempt any kind of treatment, be it medicinal or surgical, I need at least 3 doctors/surgeons to agree with each other to confirm the root cause of my ear problems, the super specialist I saw is convinced TMJ Disorder is playing a part in my ear problems (he even says that my ET dysfunction is causing my autophony and that TMJ disorder is responsible... (13 replies)
Jun 23, 2014
... plus autophony and hyperacousis. I have been sick with problems in my head for eight months now, day and night non stop. Hyperacousis gone, but autophony is worst. I can hear myself eat, drink, chew, comb my hair. As if i am in my head. 4 ENTS, no answer. Eustachian tube dysfunction. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for writing, can you please tell me about your autophony? Could you hear;- voice? breathing? heartbeat? eating/chewing? So cutting those tendons got rid of your autophony? (2 replies)
... and all my symptoms have improve beyond any fluctuation heretofore. ... (0 replies)
... I have just found out the truth about PET, Autophony and TMJ Disorder and I have actually been in contact with a person who was diagnosed and successfully treated after this discovery was made. ... (13 replies)
Feb 16, 2008
... absorbers, I can only imagine that if you cut these muscles, they are no longer working as shock absorbers, making your eardrums move uncontrolably and can make symptoms worse? ... (5 replies)
... Symptoms.does this sound like PET??? Wake up (no symptoms), After a few hours less or more autophony, clogged ear feeling. About 9PM symtoms usually gone until next day. Symtoms very temporarily releved by head between knees and lying down. No fluid seen in ears by ENT. Ear drum appears normal. (0 replies)
... essed up to and I have conductive hearing loss. If I were to have a sinus or nasal polyp or growth that has started to block my breathing on that side are these symptoms of that? ... (55 replies)
... Hello sorry to hear your having the problems still. I would say something is defanitly going on with you and as far as symptoms goes it can vary if you would have the cancer I had but the odds you having it are very very slim as it happens to less then 1 percent of the US population. ... (55 replies)
... kinda scratchy too, especially on the right side. That seems strange doesn't it. I was taking augmentin 875 3 times a day and I was ok. Then I ran out and these symptoms have started up again. What the hell is going on with me? ... (55 replies)
... they did scope your sinus from the sound of things and if he said you don't have a patulous Eustachian tube them maybe you don't. I do have it cause mine is open all the time on the left side and once I get my surgery to close it for good then I wont have that problem anymore but I might develop others along the way mostly with fluid but I won't know for sure and I will always... (55 replies)

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