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... hi, well it does sound like pet, where do you live? the ents are no good, there are a few good drs you could see. hit my name on any thread and it should pull all my posts will learn a lot from me and my horror story. post to me any questions. lib (8 replies)
... I would like to know your experience with the ENT. I am new to this board and have had issues with my ear for over 10 yrs now. In that time I had about 2 yrs "off" mention that ENTs know nothing and I wonder myself. ... (8 replies)
... my audiogram is off the charts for an adult, especially one who used to play in rock bands. ... (17 replies)

... autophoney is a symptom of a lot of ear problems, sscd, hyperacusis, muscular problems its a nightmare sorting it out. ... (17 replies)
... The latter appears nowhere in any medical literature as a symptom of PET, but is thought to originate in the cochlea or even the brain. I dn't hear my own breathing or pulse, however. ... (17 replies)
... every single time you inhale it feels like the eardrum is moving in and out. It is extremely aggravating to be aware of the movement constantly in your ear. I found some articles at the PubMed sight that have all sorts of journal abstracts. ... (17 replies)
... Hi I have had PET symptoms for 11 years, the autophony and breathing sounds, my ear is normal most the time and then it cracks and clicks and I get the PET symptoms, then I will try to get rid of it by pressing up under my neck and tilting my head etc.. Moving my jaw from eating and talking will sometimes cause the click and bang I get the symptoms, sometimes my ear is good... (36 replies)
... Has anyone ever experienced times when you one ear has hollow noises in it? ... (4 replies)
... your right, we are right next to each other, i live in lake forest, its a neighborhood on huntsman lake. ... (66 replies)
... Tinnitus can come in many different forms from clicking to ringing to roaring sounds...look it up online. ... (1 replies)
... Your story sounds like mine. I have never had an ear infection as an adult. 6 days ago I was disgnosed with severe Otitis Media in my right ear sollowing a sinus infection. After antibiotics and ear drops, I feel the same way that you do. ... (1 replies)
... I also enjoy reading long messages. We just have a lot to say. It helps us deal with our ear problems. ... (178 replies)
... i swear our symptoms are the same. i go on monday to the neuro muscular dentist and pray he finds something but i am afraid its pet. i wonder what this sound is in the roof of my mouth, pray he can tell me. i would call and make an appointment with the dr. i told you about now. thats the only way you will ever know! ... (143 replies)
... ly aspergillus. The hives popped up so high on the skin test that I had to treat them with benedryl cream! Anytway, I wonder if this IS the source of the clogged ear symptoms I have suffered for one whole year of my life. I have tried all the stupid decongestants, the nasal steriods, etc and nothing works. ... (143 replies)
... I haven't seen you post anything in awhile. Are you still reading the boards? ... (55 replies)
... you need to see a neurotoligist or someone who specializes in the ear. look up patulous eustachian tube. there is a doctor in boston that can help, look up dr. dennis poe in boston. ... (1 replies)
... sounds to me like it is a safe bet, i would do anything to get rid of this what ever it is. so no sticky sounds in the ear, do you get reverberation in yours? ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for writing, can you please tell me about your autophony? Could you hear;- voice? breathing? heartbeat? eating/chewing? So cutting those tendons got rid of your autophony? (2 replies)
... mine was diagnose by 2 drs, they could see the eardrum move, thats not with everyone though. and by my descripton of symptoms. sounds like myo to me. (10 replies)
... ENT doc I saw, diagnosed me with mild hyperacusis, I don't have a severe intolerance to everyday sounds, just certain sounds like a baby crying, a blender in the kitchen, that sort of thing. ... (10 replies)

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