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Crackling in Ears
Apr 14, 2014
... On and off for years I have had occasional bouts of crackling in my right ear, seemingly unrelated to movement or external stimuli. Of late it has become worse, crackling maybe for 5 secs, then silent for maybe 30 secs. Sometimes it can go almost continuous for hours or days. ... (0 replies)
... I too am experiencing the same crackling sensation in my right ear. It is particularly noticable in situations where I have to speak sounds almost like a raspy stereo speaker. ... (58 replies)
... i am not a dr, but in my opinion i do not think it is likely to develop 2 very rare conditions at the same time, i think one condition causes the symptoms. ... (58 replies)

... In regards to my autophony, yes I hear my voice and breath in my head and it sounds as if it's amplified. It makes it very difficult to speak and have a conversation but does not interfere with my hearing at all. ... (58 replies)
... meg, if they see the palate moving then palatal myoclonus is causing a lot of your symptoms, some of the ear symptoms could be from the middle ear tendons as well, or the e tube......i would try a local neurOTOligist, then travel if need be. ... (58 replies)
... I read through these posts last night, and I definitely have a similar problem to several people on here. I went to an ENT doctor in May, and he could see my palate moving...the biggest problem is the noise I have in my ears. The left ear is much worse than the right. ... (58 replies)
... autophoney is hearing your voice and breathing in your ear loud like a megaphone. my voice was louder but not like a megaphone. ... (58 replies)
... Next week I am having my right ear tensor tympani muscle cut, and then 8 weeks later, my ENT will either cut the stapedial tendon in the right ear also, or if I have relief of symptoms, I will have the same op in my left ear. ... (58 replies)
... oing to ENT this month.The Family doc has perscibed decongestants,ear drops,and all of them making it worse! I get so upset over this.The sounds I get through my right ear is almost a vibriting sound,and the sounds are much LOUDER than normal.The dr said it sounds to him like HYPERACUSIS. ... (6 replies)
... (58 replies)
... I am going nuts because for the past month or so I have had light crackling sound in my right ear off and on. It sounds a little like soap bubbles popping. I am not noticing any other symptoms like vertigo, etc. Does anyone know what this could be? ... (58 replies)
... some docs do not know what they r doing. i went to a doc at the health center because i have crackling in my left ear when theres preferbaly loud sound. i told him people thought it might be a spasm in my ear and he said what do u mean LOl. ... (1 replies)
... like buzzing in my right ear. I was having a conversation on the phone the other day that drove me nuts because it sounded as though a bee was buzzing around in my ear. Are your symptoms the same? ... (58 replies)
... Its me again. Just tried what you said about holding your nose and breathing in instead of out and my ear popped and cleared! Unfortunately, I then had a crackling watery sound in my ear and it blocked up again. Anyway, I kept holding my nose and breathing in and eventually it cleared and has stayed clear! Excellent! ... (6 replies)
... For the past few months the tinnitus and muffled hearing in my right ear has gotten worse. ... (0 replies)
... (6 replies)
... See an ENT. (6 replies)
... ack of maganesium also i've found that even though i plug my right ear i still hear a popping and sucking sound as if my entire ear drum is moving back and forth in the ear its not a good idea to just plug the ear but maybe put a little bit of cotton inside the canal to help tone down the sound . ... (9 replies)
... Well I went to the doc...actually for my skin, and asked him to look in my ears regarding them making crackling noices. He looked in side and said he couldn't see any wax and that it must be mucus or some build up lower down inside the ear. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I looked through the threads and couldn't find any posts about this, i'll start with some of my history, I'm 17, 6"something don't go outside much, love music and car audio(bass and such). Now the issue, I've had this problem for as long as I can remember, when i listen to loud music, or loud noises, headphones and such i sometimes experience a crackling or static like... (9 replies)

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