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... (6 replies)
... See an ENT. (6 replies)
... Well I went to the doc...actually for my skin, and asked him to look in my ears regarding them making crackling noices. He looked in side and said he couldn't see any wax and that it must be mucus or some build up lower down inside the ear. ... (6 replies)

Weepy Ear Canals
Mar 24, 2004
... I've had periodic trouble with my ears from time to time for the past 15 years or so. The ear canal gets itchy. I have in the past gone to an ENT who told me that I had no wax in my ears and that was the problem. ... (0 replies)
... maganesium also i've found that even though i plug my right ear i still hear a popping and sucking sound as if my entire ear drum is moving back and forth in the ear its not a good idea to just plug the ear but maybe put a little bit of cotton inside the canal to help tone down the sound . ... (9 replies)
... I've been having this strange feeling in my ear for 2 or 3 months now. I've seen threads that describe similar things, but not exactly, so I thought i'd start a new one and see what people thought. ... (0 replies)
... static to hear bass parts I didn't normally hear in the right ear. I think it was noise that played in my earphones but that I couldn't really hear in the right ear because of whatever reason, it was too dirty or close inside my ear. I'll look into magnesium supplements, thanks. ... (9 replies)
... sounds like myoclonus of the tensor tympani or stapedial muscle in the middle ear (3 replies)
... cracks and feels better for a little while.At any given time I can do this and I get a crackling noise, and it seems somehow the pressure is relieved. ... (3 replies)
... Have you looked into getting ear tubes placed in to help equalize the pressure inside and outside your ear? ... (58 replies)
... o something stupid Nathan. I too suffer from severe Eustachean Tube Dysfunction from an infection I got in 1993. I have had awful problems ever since. My left ear is far worse than my right and I experience the same crackling and annoying popping that you do. At times I want to just scream. ... (14 replies)
... Dr. Poe will put in another plug in June to go with the one that is already there. So my left ear will have two silicon plugs in it and the right one, the calcium injected ear will have the Shea silicon tubing, if we decide on that for sure. ... (178 replies)
... did notice a loss of taste on my tongue and a bit dizzy but I attribute it to the anesthesia. I woke up on Tuesday and noticed that my hearing had decreased and crackling noises starting to happen. The day went by with hearing increasing and decreasing throughout the day and into Wednesday. ... (3 replies)
... blood draining from my ear. The ENT looked in my ear and said he can see why I am in so much pain. he said that it was bright red with infection and should be the color of my skin. He said I had a pretty bad case. ... (13 replies)
... in prison. I know that permanent tubes wont be my answer because when I went for the tubes last week, the doctor had a very hard time getting them into my tiny ear canals. He had to push and prod and I think that is why my own Eustachean tubes are now irritated once again. ... (14 replies)
... probably about 2 or 3 yrs ago. I went to the ear doc and he said that I had retracted eardums and put me on nasal spray. ... (14 replies)
... probably about 2 or 3 yrs ago. I went to the ear doc and he said that I had retracted eardums and put me on nasal spray. ... (35 replies)
... After my first stapedectomy I was great actually. I heard the day after the surgery then the next day my ear was very muffled and I was hearing cracking and popping in my ear which was very normal. ... (17 replies)
... I've had two stapedectomys. one on each ear. With the second i've had problems with distortion, crackling etc for two years. I'm still trying to find a doctor who can figure out what is wrong. ... (13 replies)
... do take precautionary measures like listing to voice at a low pitch as low as possible, but with problem of clogged ears, I really get frustration. Even I hear crackling sounds often in right ear, which is disgusting. ... (0 replies)

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