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... responsible for my problems. I was also going through a VERY stressful time in my life, and suffering from severe anxiety. ... (58 replies)
... when you say your voice sounds off, is it loud like a megaphone in your head? ... (6 replies)
... But oh no. NO NO NO. The opposite. The left ear I think is ok but I can't even tell anymore. The right just abysmal. All blocked and weird. ... (6 replies)

... meg, if they see the palate moving then palatal myoclonus is causing a lot of your symptoms, some of the ear symptoms could be from the middle ear tendons as well, or the e tube......i would try a local neurOTOligist, then travel if need be. ... (58 replies)
... I read through these posts last night, and I definitely have a similar problem to several people on here. I went to an ENT doctor in May, and he could see my palate moving...the biggest problem is the noise I have in my ears. The left ear is much worse than the right. ... (58 replies)
Crackling in Ears
Apr 14, 2014
... On and off for years I have had occasional bouts of crackling in my right ear, seemingly unrelated to movement or external stimuli. Of late it has become worse, crackling maybe for 5 secs, then silent for maybe 30 secs. Sometimes it can go almost continuous for hours or days. ... (0 replies)
... I've been having this strange feeling in my ear for 2 or 3 months now. I've seen threads that describe similar things, but not exactly, so I thought i'd start a new one and see what people thought. ... (0 replies)
... Yes, I get a snapping sound from my palate. ... (58 replies)
Ear crackling
May 23, 2011
... Hey everyone, I am in desperate need of some help. For the past three days I have been having some crackling in my ears. The weird part is, it only occurs after hearing a loud noise directly in my ear. ... (1 replies)
... the doctor removed my packing and everything suddenly seemed so loud esp the smallest noises. I came out of the doctor's room and realised that the ENT centre was very noisy! ... (352 replies)
... I had always had a weird sensation and crackling noise in my left ear since I was about 13, I am now 28. ... (4 replies)
... flat, and plug up one ear with my finger, the pitch drops about a quarter step towards A, in pitch! There isn't that big of difference from each individual ear... both ears solo, I hear the song about a quarter step lower than both ears combined. ... (3 replies)
... just in the last week or two, i have developed a problem in only my left ear. you know the motion you go through when you wiggle your ears? ... (2 replies)
... yes i was treated for tmj, noticed nothing and my bite is now off too. i get eyelid twitchmes and other strange spasms as well. ... (58 replies)
... If there is a lot of background noise the clicking doesn't bother me as much but when it's quiet, like when I'm reading a bedtime story to my 5 yr. old, it's very distracting. I'm not sure about having botox again, it has really altered my speech. ... (58 replies)
... for a nice pair of headphones, though. They said they had noise reduction but the noise reduction doesn't really do anything. SBC HN050 Philips. You'll see it at Best Buy. ... (9 replies)
... A couple of months ago, I was blowdrying my hair when I suddenly started hearing some odd crackling noises in my left ear. This noises continued throughout the evening. The next morning my hearing was severely diminished in that ear. ... (1 replies)
... Well..the doc at the university health center must of didnt know swat lol...because my Left ear is still crackling. doc said eardrum and no infection. said it was wax and that it should stop. it still hasnt. still cracking to loud noise then stops.. ... (0 replies)
... I may have ETD, but two ENTs say everything is fine. I do have tinnitus and I know stress exacerbates that. I also have the crackling noise that I see lots of people on the forum have as well. But there are some things I need help with as to what might be going on. ... (4 replies)
... I'm back....I just went to a new ENT down here in Virginia. He appeared to be much better then the last two I went to in New York. Anyhow, he put me back on Predisone, Antibiotics, and nasal spray. However, he suggested a possible diagnosis that I've never even thought of. ... (6 replies)

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