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Weepy Ear Canals
Mar 24, 2004
... I've had periodic trouble with my ears from time to time for the past 15 years or so. The ear canal gets itchy. I have in the past gone to an ENT who told me that I had no wax in my ears and that was the problem. ... (0 replies)
... When I was 5, my mother noticed me not responding to people talking to me in noisy environments, when I was occupied with something else, or just in general. The school I attended did an annual hearing test on me and they discovered a slight hearing loss in both ears. ... (1 replies)
... I am hanging in is really hard I will be honest with you. I have my ups and downs. ... (33 replies)

Mar 15, 2002
... The ENT specialist has told me that at this point in time, there's no cure for it. He has advised me that I can't have too much stress, as it will only make matters worse. ... (19 replies)
... I can relate to you with the static sound..Mine started last Tues. Wed. and it seems to get worse in loud areas...or if I get stressed out. It was so bad this weekend... I still have it as of today...I seem to be getting use to it somewhat... ... (33 replies)
... Still the same no improvement in my hearing. I am going in next week for a cat scan and then the next day to my doctor. Last week on Tues or Wed. I started hearing static sound in my ear... ... (41 replies)
... am now heading into day 17 post. I will agree that daily things seem to change. some days I feel like I can hear really well..others I have that under water my ear is clogged feeling. Have you noticed that you are at your best in the am. I think that it has to do with our ears resting during the evening. ... (11 replies)
... is your jaw! Mine pops and dislocates and makes crunching sounds and yes, it can be heard by others if they stand close enough. Like a bone going out of a socket. ... (143 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with bilateral otosclerosis. I have finally decided to go ahead and get a stapedectomy done on my left ear next Tuesday. ... (70 replies)
... i will check the tmj route, but the clicking sound is coming from the roof of my mouth, kinda in the sinus. i think it is the e. tube. i think mine are to open, 2 dr.s have said that. can you breath air up into your ears? ... (143 replies)
... Day 12 i had a taco lodged in my throat and went on a huge coughing session to dislodge. After dislodge, now everytime i swallow i get i little clicking or crunching or packing type sound in the stapedectomy ear. Do not get this in the non op ear. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Fantine! Thank you very much for allaying my fears regarding the dull pain in my operated ear and also describing the crunching sound which I used to refer to as 'crich' sound about which I was a little worried that it might be something problematic. ... (141 replies)
... Its kind of nice to know although im sorry you all are having problems..but as I was saying nice to know you aren't alone.I was living in the south at sea level for most of my life.I have always had horrible ear problems and sinus due to levels of pollen and pollutants in the air.. ... (143 replies)
... sounds in my ear... ... (6 replies)
... I'm now told theh've always done that but I never knew, gravel crunching underfoot, rustling of tissue paper. I can't really be sure when I had last heard these sounds. ... (64 replies)
... Hi Lib, Thanks for the reply, when I swallow i get the clicking and popping but not always. I don't have any voice reverbaration (yet). I've been trying to find a way of explaining the ear noise when yawning, Styrafoam is a good example, didn;t think of that before. I still have the off-balance, after 5 months, how long did it last for you. I can deal with the... (52 replies)
May 29, 2002
... As I got my tinnitus from being in a very noisy environment over a long period of time, why would I need another source of sound to reduce tinitus? ... (19 replies)

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