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... ing was ten times worse! That scared me away from using alcohol to escape the discomfort. It felt like my nerves were stressed from alcohol withdrawl, making the damaged nerves in my eustachian tube act up even worse. ... (4 replies)
... I too was diagnosed with BLIND ACID REFLUX by Dr. kujawski. In my case, my ET's had already been damaged by acid, to the point that my right one is slightly patolous. ... (17 replies)
... Hi all, I've had ETD for about 6 months now and it gets better or worse depending on whether i'm stressed or have a cold. Just stumbled across these while looking on the net and thought i'd pass on the info. Don't know if it will work for pressure problems as they are mainly geared towards people with sensory damaged but there is... (17 replies)

... Sorry to hear what you have been through. I am 50. One thing I can say is this. If your Docs. have told you that you have nothing life threatening be Glad. Think of those that do. There are not always fixes for some of our injuries. I have an ear problem.....contant well as cervical spine problems with chronic pain. We have to sometimes learn to live with... (4 replies)
... October 19 2001, I had botox injections to freeze the defective muscles that caused the thumping. I believed that this long ordeal was over. Then I got patulous eustachian tube dysfunction which was almost as horrible. June 28 2002, I had my eustachian tube narrowed. ... (4 replies)
Nathan's Condition
Aug 12, 2004
... On June 28, 2002, Dr. Dennis Poe injected my patulous left eustachian tube with Aria Calcium Hydroxyplapatite. For the next two days, my ear felt plugged, but there was no PETD, crackling or popping. ... (0 replies)
... I am a PET sufferer too. I've been diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube by Dr. Kujawski in Geneve. Dr. Kujawski and Dr. Poe know each other and share almost the same approach to face with PET. ... (66 replies)
... It sounds to me that your husband's ear drum is damaged. Hopefully, the spark did not damage his middle ear and eustachian tubes. It is very important that he not get water in the ear which could damage the eustachian tube and middle ear. Trust me, he would HATE that. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Linda, I think it would be worthwhile for you to have the tube inserted. I cant imagine how bad it must be to have struggled with this for 10 years. ... (35 replies)
... hi, this is what i have plus moving eardrums, tinnitus, and a snapping sound that comes from the roof of my mouth or behind my nose, it has progressed to this, i felt fluid in my ears in the fall and i was dizzy and motionsick, i get lightheaded and imbalance some also, i have it in both ears when people talk to me my ear drums jump or the sound thuds in both. i am currently... (1 replies)
... About 10 days ago my left eustachian tube seemed blocked up. I had some mild nasal congestion, which I think caused the blockage. It got worse over the week and nearly unbearable. ... (1 replies)
... m 34 years old and have been prone to ear infections my entire life. The way I typically know that I have an ear infection is when my eustachian tube gets clogged up. ... (0 replies)
... Tinnitus can be a sign that your hearing has been damaged. I would check this out first of all. If there is no damage to your hearing then it could be eustachian tube dysfunction which is what I have. ... (1 replies)
... I suffer from an unbearable condition. My left ear always feels raw, congested and damaged. In addition, I get these eustachian tube muscle spasms (thumping sensations) which drive me mad. Each time I get a thump in my ear, I feel like taking a revolver and blowing my brains out. I have seen two GPs, seven ENT's and two pain doctors. All told me to "learn to live with it".... (0 replies)
... The trauma to my left ear was caused by it being struck by an open hand. At first, I feard brain injury, but it turns out that only my middle ear and eustachian tube are damaged. ... (2 replies)

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