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... and he said my eardrum doesn't move much when he blew on it. So he prescribed an antibiotic, thinking it was an ear infection. It didn't help, and it seems to be happening more frequently. ... (2 replies)
... The gig was not so bad last night. Although my guitar sounded "hot" and midrangey, that was more a function of the magnetic sensors in the pickuo system. ... (22 replies)
Hearing Distortion
Dec 17, 2009
... I have noise induced hearing loss and I also experience hearing distortion in my left ear when high pitch noises get loud enough such as high pitch conversations. ... (1 replies)

... y teeth and there have been times where i have opened my mouth and my tmj popped so loud that it sounded like it broke, however there isn't what i'd cosider pain in that area. i do feel the need to constantly pop my neck all the time and i still get that ticklish feeling in both ears. ... (22 replies)
... The 'staticy' distortion in the right ear in the presence of louder sounds. I notice it too when I am humming or whistling. ... (10 replies)
... One thing i have noticed is that i have a very hard time understanding people in cars, restaruants, and even outside. It is almost like white noise, in that peoples voices just seem to drown out completely. ... (3 replies)
... autophoney is a symptom of a lot of ear problems, sscd, hyperacusis, muscular problems its a nightmare sorting it out. ... (17 replies)
... and all normally audible frequencies in the right ear are still fine. ... (22 replies)
... The latter appears nowhere in any medical literature as a symptom of PET, but is thought to originate in the cochlea or even the brain. I dn't hear my own breathing or pulse, however. ... (17 replies)
... go to an ent. They'll clean it out or give you an ear tube. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry for the delay in answering. As far as I am aware, autophony covers of these symptoms and others. My road to autophony was long and winding. ... (12 replies)
... HI JPMom, I have same low pitch humming in my right ear. ... (2 replies)
Hearing Distortion
Apr 13, 2005
... forum for UK patients who may well also encounter similar hearing problems over time. I have already tried in vain to get diagnoses from various doctors, ENT and ear specialists over the years but after every test and experiment and treatment under the sun nothing was conclusive. ... (2 replies)
... It's also begun to happen to my wife's voice when she's in another room. Otherwise my own voice and all other sounds are normal. ... (5 replies)
... as well as distortion in my own and others voices!! ... (0 replies)
... Thought I nipped the cold in the bud with Sudafed, echinacea, vit. C and the Claritin I have to take for my allergies. ... (22 replies)
... i thought something might be wrong with the cd player. about a week ago, every song sounded bad. the next day at work people's voices became distorted. this distortion is happening in my left ear. ... (22 replies)
... I have fluctuating low frequency hearing loss, distortion and autophony. I also would describe my hearing distortion like a broken speaker on an old car radio but it is not that it cuts in and out but that it is indistinct and reverberates. ... (10 replies)
... When im exposed to normal high sounds, for instance in the cinema, i get a distortion and pain in my right ear. I have never gotten this before, and it started about 6 months ago. ... (0 replies)
... They say playing tapes of "white sound" in the background helps lessen tinnitus, but that only works for people with enough hearing to hear the white sound. ... (9 replies)

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